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Canadian Pacific

Map Maker:
Download: Canada Pacific v3

Large map of Western Canada. The time frame of 1890 to 2012 begins with the completion of the transcontinental railway in Canada. Featuring new buildings, decorations, goods, and industries including furs, silk, peat moss, mushrooms, tar sands, import goods, and ecotourists. Plus re-skinned cars and locomotives to match those used on the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways.


Map Maker:
Download: Arabia v2

A 15×15 map of the Arabian Peninsula. The time frame is 1930 to 2012 beginning with the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia. This map includes new buildings, goods, and industries including pipe, dates, import goods, pilgrims, palaces, and holy shrines. Cars and locomotives have been re-skinned to look more like those on the Saudi Railway Org. Event notices include photos of some of the most modern buildings in the world, especially in Mecca and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, UAE. Mysterious Arabic music has been added to give the game a local mood. Credits go to many others including Jancsika, Karsten, Lowell, Slider38, and especially Bobby and Rodea for map components and beta testing.

The regional economy is based on oil exports. In the game, oil production is increased by delivery of pipe to oil wells. Oil exports produce gold; gold delivered to a palace yields currency, currency can be delivered to yield pipe and import goods. Late in the game, pilgrims are to be transported from all over the region to Mecca and Medina. The game is intended for experienced players and with AI.


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Download: Japan v3

A map of Central and Western Japan. It is a 15×15 map and includes 3 of the 4 main Japanese islands of Kyushu, Shikoku, and Honshu. It is rescaled in a westerly direction to give more space for game play. It covers the post-war period after 1945 and requires developing an economy based on the import of raw materials from shipping ports, delivery to industries, and export of goods back to the ports. It features new rail cars, locomotives, and new industries including rice, shushi, tourists, container cars, export goods, and Yuzu citrus. It even has traditional Japanese music. It is a very challenging map for experienced players and should be played with AI.

Gone With the Wind

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Download: Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind covers southern US over the period from 1830 to 1866, before the Civil War. It is a small 10×10 map, and uses only early steam locomotives which cannot pull many cars over long distances. There are rich markets in all regions of the map, so the starting point is not of great importance. It is intended to be played with 3 AIs with the goal of meeting all the victory objectives. It features cars, annexes and industries from Slider38’s My Old Ky Home map and Bobby Jancsika’s Maryland and Zimbabwe maps. As well as some reskinned cars and industries. The economy is roughly that of the Old South. So be prepared to transport slaves, tobacco, muskets, and rebel recruits

It is a difficult map.