Canadian Pacific

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Download: Canada Pacific v3

Large map of Western Canada. The time frame of 1890 to 2012 begins with the completion of the transcontinental railway in Canada. Featuring new buildings, decorations, goods, and industries including furs, silk, peat moss, mushrooms, tar sands, import goods, and ecotourists. Plus re-skinned cars and locomotives to match those used on the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways.

37 thoughts on “Canadian Pacific

  1. bitseek

    Keeps crashing. Can’t get it to load. Running Win7-64bit. Have patched with 3GB patch.

  2. MaxKillington

    I’m getting CtD before the map can load to the opening screen. I also tried the download from your link (the .7z, and apparently from the file name version 1?) but still the same crash. Also tried different difficulty levels (not that it should matter) and using 0-3 AI players but no luck… Looking forward to playing it out once the bug is worked out =)

  3. Warll Post author

    Thanks for helping out Max. The forum thread should have a version 1.2 7z TMILLER posted a few posts later. TMILLER suggested an installation method and I need someone to test his method to see if the crashes are just my mistake. I looked through the assets folders and thought they were identical so I did not copy them over as he suggested when I packaged this front page version.

  4. MaxKillington

    I found the updated upload (duh!), but it is still CtD during the load. TMILLER mentions, in his first post, that the map is being uploaded in 3 files, but I can only find the one. Later, TMILLER says

    “To run the revised map, download the new file CP21v2, unzip with 7zip and place the CP21v2 folder in a clean SMR UserMaps folder. You will then need to place the 2 folders in the original Canadian Pacific Map Parts 2 and 3 in the CP21v2 folder. The CP21v2 folder contains the new map, new xml files, and the Assets3 folder. The old Parts 2 and 3 contain the unchanged Assets1 and Assets2 folders.”

    I’m clearly missing something here. I am guessing the Assets1 and Assets2 folders are with the other two files that were part of the ‘3 file upload’, but I am at a total loss as to where they are. As someone who is excellent with computers this is really frustrating me. What am I missing here? Help!

  5. MaxKillington

    Eureka! Warll, you are awesome! I just got the game to load succesfully. Haven’t started my game yet, but I wanted to immediately alt+tab and let you know it worked! Thank you thank you!!!

  6. Warll Post author

    Perfect timing MaxKillington! I just sat down to fix the zip when you posted. Good to hear I can hope this version to work. I hope TMILLER does not mind that I went and upped the version number due to a mistake of my own.

  7. Goodwood

    V3 works like a charm! Thanks so much this is a great map, the only thing it’s maybe missing is more trains in the later eras but apart from that it’s awesome. If there are any Mac users out there struggling to get this to load make sure you open up all the xml files in text edit and save without changes and it works perfectly.

  8. Brian Preece

    I really enjoyed this map, but for me it became unstable after the first era in 1965. How do I tell if I have got the right version?

  9. Milano32

    Absolutely loved this map. Great job TMILLER! Any suggestions for other maps with custom/ new engines? I have tried some of the ones that I believe have them, but I cannot get them to work on my Mac.

  10. Brian Preece

    Hi Karsten, thanks for your reply, a duuuhhhh moment for me! I’ve downloaded it from this page so it must be V3. Any ideas? Looks like Andy Jones is having problems with it as well, but his problem might be XP. I am running Windows 7 with 8GB RAM

  11. SMR-Fan from Berlin

    Finally it’s working with Win7 x86 and x64!

    Thanks a lot for this great map.

    Starting at Kamloops is a guaranteed win.
    I skip it next time, too easy. 🙂

  12. Firefistus

    I can’t get this working for the life of me, I have the 3gb enabler, not that it matters because the map when it first tries to load is only about 300 megs of total ram that it’s using. I’m running windows 7 64bit with 32gb of RAM. USA Steam version of SMR. I also can’t run half the maps on this website, always the same thing, always CTD. On this map I have version 3. I have tried the Map installer that is on the website, but that adds a new folder called “Sid Meirs Railroads!” currently it’s “Sid Meirs Railroads” without the !. I am extremely technical with computers so if anyone has any suggestions any help would be appreciated. I’m guessing I need a certain asset file somewhere but I’m not sure.

  13. Warll Post author

    Sorry Firefistus we’ve never been able to figure out some of the issues with the steam version.

    You thing you could try for me sounds like it should do nothing but in fact could help: open the files in notepad and resave. We’ve learned that SMR only cares about the timestamp. SMR will load the newest timestamp copy of any xml asset. There is a chance steam’s smr has assets with newer timestamps than some maps.

    Please report back if you do try it. What you need to do is open every xml file in the map and resave.

  14. Firefistus

    My goodness you guys are good…I thought it was a long shot, but unbelievably it worked. I wonder if this would be the case for other maps as well, I’ll give some others a shot with this fix. Thanks a bunch!! Look forward to working on this map!!

  15. Karsten

    As Warll noted: What you need to do is open every xml file in the map and resave.”

  16. Tim

    I finally got this map to work. Looks amazing but Im having an issue in game now. The AI players (I chose 3) are not doing anything. They just sit there at their starting town and never build new track or anything. Any ideas?

  17. Karsten

    Not much that can be done. There are too few familiar goods for the AI to function

  18. Rico

    Beautiful map, however, there is no way anyone can meet the 1st Era goals by 1935. They’re ridiculous in quantity, especially the east to west coast connection. Not to mention, some 1st city spawns have bridges in the middle of the station.

  19. Rico

    Playing further into the Era events, none of the Trade ports are active, what’s up with that? Seems like you released a really broken map here TMiller.

  20. Porter

    TMiller how did you manage to make a bigger map than 15×15?
    I want to make a huge map just like yours but cant’t get it to work with the editor.

  21. Ciendolor

    Crash-o on iMac, every time: “sent report to Apple”. Sei gesund!

  22. Ciendolor

    Got it, overwrite all the xml files. Works great, thanks for the tip.

  23. HerringTree

    I agree with Rico. There is no way one can create enough wealth to build the track required to complete the 1st Era goals by 1935.

  24. railage

    HerringTree, the map can be won. Growth is at least partly exponential, so the secret to wealth is to be ruthlessly efficient when starting out. If you can work out how to use your starting capital to get an extra revenue stream running, that’s free advantage which will put you ahead for the entire game. In this regard, take care how much you spend on “cuts/fills” when laying track.

    Also, plan ahead. Cities you service will grow. Plan to develop for quick growth, especially cities that are near a supply of upper tier cargo carrying a great delivery fee, such as Gold or Gasoline. Then you can quickly add lucrative routes to supply these new appetites.

    Freight revenue is independent of distance, so whenever you have a choice opt for the shorter delivery route.

    These game-play tactics which are needed on difficult maps take some time to master. In the meantime you may want to give yourself some extra starting cash.

    Increase starting cash:
    – Go to the Forum section of this site, then the topic I made entitled “Nine Easy Ways to Improve Gameplay — Simple XML edits.”
    – Download the attachment on the first post. Unzip it.
    – We only need one file: “RRT_Difficulty”. Copy this file into the map folder ( … Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads!\User Maps\CP21v3).
    – Open the new file. Preferably with an XML editor, but Notepad will do.
    – You will see a list of all the difficulty levels followed by their individual settings.
    – Find the difficulty setting you are using and increase the value “iStartingCash”.
    – Save the file after the change. Close it. Next time you start the map, you will have more cash.

  25. djphilos

    This map is so much fun to play! Absolutely loved the uniqueness and time+effort gone into it. 10/10.

  26. Choochoo

    Came back to SMRR after a year or so of not playing, this map is hard but awesome. Im still yet to do the 1st era (closest was 1 month off meeting the goals dammit) but that shows clever map design to me. Cheers for the map TMiller

  27. MrEvilGuy

    For those of you who still have crashing issues, just keep trying, like after 5 crashes it usually works.

  28. Jo

    Loved this map, it was great fun and what a surprise to have colour in the newspaper clippings! Took me a few attempts to succeed. Excellent, different industries and brilliant graphics. Thank you. PS. The game did not crash at all for me.

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