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  1. Dinesh Ayyala

    The map itself runs fine, but the auto-save feature disappears. I don’t mind a few crashes, as long as I get to complete the map but not being able to restart from an auto-save is really irritating for such a slow map. Ohh, and by the way, this started happening after I saved mid-way manually. Other maps run just fine.

  2. SMR fan

    Great to know this website is still active! I’ll try this one later. 🙂

  3. Jon Smith

    Map crashes when you get into the 2nd phase. Unable to complete it to the end. Interesting map – hope you can fix it.

  4. Yaz

    For those using steam and having trouble getting this to work, here’s a tip from another thread:

    Open all the .xml files in the Florida Gold directory and resave them (don’t need to change anything else). This updates the modified date on the file and allows the game to find it correctly (for some reason, it doesn’t like custom maps that are created before some of its own files).

    Or so that’s what the other thread said and it finally got it working for me.

    Good luck!

  5. Jon Smith

    Tried that – no difference.

    Thanks for offering a suggestion.

  6. TJ

    Unfortunately a lot of the industries are messed up on this. Primary industries that aren’t demanded anywhere (raw shrimp, sugar as examples), secondary industries in towns that convert a product into itself – some that aren’t even produced anywhere (fresh shrimp into fresh shrimp, paper into paper, etc), towns/cities don’t produce passengers or mail yet both are needed for goals.

    I really want to like this gorgeous map, but it’s pretty much unplayable until the industries get fixed up.

  7. thebugman

    This is a brilliant map, possibly my favorite. Excellent work Jowell

    TJ. None of the industries are messed up. Passengers won’t be produced anywhere until your town is big enough but gold can be converted to passengers at one station. You just need to suss the map first.

  8. snoopy55

    thebugman – this map did have many problems, and many crashes. It has been repaired over on the other forum, and that is what you downloaded here.

    To the rest of you – download it again and tell us how it goes for you.

  9. vrvan

    This is one of my favorite map. The objective quite clearly says “cities are to be developed first and then only passengers appear”. thebugman rightly said: “You just need to suss the map first.”

    Does anyone know how I can build railroads with 4 tracks ? I basically want to separate the goods trains from express trains (passenger/mail). Does anyone has any link to a page or video that illustrates this ?

  10. Phalanges

    I was having the “end of phase 1” crash too. The new cities.xml file that Karsten posted on the forums fixed that for me, thanks!

    Very nice map, long and detailed. I got the gold with about 11K miles of track and about 38 trains. Thanks Lowell.

  11. Sandy Dawson

    Thanks for creating this wonderful map.

    My map crashes at end of phase 1. Please advice how might I fix this issue.

    I downloaded the map, about a week ago.

    Once again, Thanks for the brilliant map, revived my interest in this game.


  12. Oliver Knaak


    Die Karte Florida Gold hatte ich mal auf einem Windows Pc gespielt. ich darf sagen super klasse karte.

    Besten Dank an den Der die Karte gemacht hat.

    Mitlerweile habe ich einen Imac und da Läuft die Karte nicht, Warum verstehe ich nicht kann mir jemand vielleicht Tipps geben.

    Wäre wirklich super nett von euch

    Gruß aus dem Schwarzwald


  13. snoopy55

    Hello, The Florida Gold card I had played once on a Windows PC. I must say thanks to the super class karte.Besten The hat.Mitlerweile made ​​the card I have an iMac and because the card does not run , I do not understand why someone can give me advice maybe geben.Wäre very, very nice of you greeting from the Black Forest

    Sie haben eine andere Version für IMac kaufen . ( You have to buy a different version for IMac.) http://www.feralinteractive.com/en/mac-games/railroads/features/

  14. Jon

    I love this map, and have played it about a dozen times in a row, each time learning more about how I would do better the next time. My problem is, I can’t play beyond about 6 years. By that time I have every town connected and every industry connected (and every required new industry built), and I think it just gets to be more than the program can handle.

    I’ve got the memory tweak done, so it can use more memory, and have all the graphics turned to the lowest level (where I am looking at ugly blobs) and the sound turned off, auto save turned off, and every other thing I can think of to lessen impact, but still every time I try to load the saved files, it either crashes while loading, or will on play two or three minutes before crashing.

    Anybody know if there is any way to tweak it further to allow it even more memory than the basic memory tweak? I want to finish this, but it just reaches the point that it can’t handle things during about year 6 of heavy growth.

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