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The Great Northwest

Map Maker:

Railroads arrive in the Great Northwest. This map runs in 3 Eras from 1890 thru 1950. This map is a SAM and was designed as a single-player map.
There are no crossovers. To cross existing track you must switch through. Tunnels are expensive. Use them sparingly.
You will probably want to build some industries. I found through testing that it was sometimes advantageous to remove old trains
and possibly unneeded track. Be aware that the good “Brick” can only be delivered to Metros and Cities. At the start of the map neither
exists. I hope you enjoy The Great Northwest.


Heart of Texas

Map Maker:

Welcome to the Heart of Texas SMR map. This is a SAM and was designed as a single-player map.
That said it has been tested with AI and played ok. This map was a tough one as I was chasing
an issue that was causing crashes. It took a while but that has been resolved. I want to thank
railage for his help in testing this map. A few corrections were made, thus this is the 2nd
version of this map. The map plays in 3 eras from 1920 to 1980. I hope you enjoy Heart of Texas.


Rocky Mountain High

Map Maker:
Download: RockyMountainHigh V1 Zip

Welcome to Rocky Mountain High. This was designed as a single-player SAM (Stand Alone Map). There are
some new industries, engines and traincars to make things interesting. The map allows tunnels but they
are expensive. In order to cross existing track you must switch through. There are no crossovers.

The tourist good can be a little tricky. The map is setup so that Metros, Towns and Cities provide tourists
and Villages accept them. If the village you are delivering to grows to be a town, your delivery of
tourists will no longer count toward your goals. Keep an eye on that.

The map has been thoroughly tested and should not present any problems during game play. I hope you
enjoy Rocky Mountain High.

~ Slider38

Ohio Rails

Map Maker:
Download: Ohio Rails V2 zip

Welcome to Ohio Rails. This map was designed as a one player map but will work with AI players as well. The map features new,
larger version 2 train cars more appropriately sized for the engines pulling them. There are no crossovers. To cross existing track
you must switch through. There is only one legitimate way to get to Canada – a bridge from Detroit to Windsor. As this bridge is a
required goal, this should present no problems. I hope that you enjoy Ohio Rails.


St. Lawrence River

Map Maker:
Download: St_Lawrence_River_v2

Welcome to St. Lawrence River. This map runs in 4 Eras spanning 1840 to 1935. This is a SAM (Stand Alone Map). You will find
many industries available to help you accomplish your goals. You are required to build a Bank in Montreal. You will have to grow
the Town to a City in order to accomplish your task. Do not wait too long to begin deliveries to and from Montreal.

This map does not allow crossovers. To cross existing track you must switch through. It is to your advantage to update your engines.
Keep an eye on your maintenance costs.

This map has been well tested, first by me at the Mogul Level and then by railage at the Robber Baron Level. Thanks again railage.
There is a Goods List in the Warehouse folder which might prove helpful. I hope that you enjoy the map.