Arizona Rails

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Download: Arizona Rails V2

Welcome to Arizona Rails. This map has been thoroughly tested and should run well for you. This map
runs in 3 Eras from 1945 to 2006. This map was designed as a single player map but should run well
playing with AI. This is a SAM map. There are no crossovers so to cross existing track, you must
switch through. You will probably want to buy some industries while playing. The map features a few
new goods, industries, etc. I hope that you enjoy Arizona Rails.

By Slider38

3 thoughts on “Arizona Rails

  1. Guy

    Hello Slider38,

    Thank you for your kind gift of another Map. I just now downloaded Arizona Rails and will soon enjoy playing. All of your Maps are wonderful and fun to play! Thank you so very much!

  2. veeblefetzer

    Loving the canyon work. I want to build up a game with a passenger train winding through the canyons and see what it looks like in train camera view.

    Diggin’ the bridge barns, too. Thanks again.

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