Rocky Mountain High

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Download: RockyMountainHigh V1 Zip

Welcome to Rocky Mountain High. This was designed as a single-player SAM (Stand Alone Map). There are
some new industries, engines and traincars to make things interesting. The map allows tunnels but they
are expensive. In order to cross existing track you must switch through. There are no crossovers.

The tourist good can be a little tricky. The map is setup so that Metros, Towns and Cities provide tourists
and Villages accept them. If the village you are delivering to grows to be a town, your delivery of
tourists will no longer count toward your goals. Keep an eye on that.

The map has been thoroughly tested and should not present any problems during game play. I hope you
enjoy Rocky Mountain High.

~ Slider38

7 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Guy

    Hello Slider,
    I will download Rocky Mountain High in a few minutes. Thank you so much for all the work you do for the fans of Sid Meier’s Railroads! I have no doubt I will enjoy your map many many times as I have your other maps! Thanks again and again!

  2. veeblefetzer

    Have just finished attempt number 1 on investor level. Made it with 4 years to go. Thought I was going to romp it home early on, but no, the difficulty kicks in subtly. Nice work ! Now to tackle the harder levels.

    Thanks once again Slider.

    Will post some pics.

  3. Izzard

    I have carried SMR through many life changes. Thanks for keeping this gem alive. Love for all the builders.

  4. Slider38

    I appreciate the comments folks. It means a lot. Keeps me going when I know that someone is giving these maps a run. Take care, Slider

  5. N00BCH3F7

    Me and my brothers would spend HOURS playing this game. Thank you for keeping the game alive!!

  6. Slider38

    I’m glad you are enjoying SMR. I am working on the next map, but I have a ways to go. You will find a number of maps on this site that I think are pretty good. Take care, Slider

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