RAILGRADE, a new train tycoon, is coming to Steam!


Hello Everyone!

I’m Daniel, I’ve been running SmrSimple for about 15 years now. Since my childhood I’ve loved playing train games. A feeling I am sure many reading can share 🙂 Over the years since participating in the SMR modding scene I eventually made my way into the game industry. From there I worked up my career to eventually making my dream game: RAILGRADE.

In making RAILGRADE I took many lessons from SMR. Not least of which was I wanted to fix branching. As you may know in SMR the AI often gets trains deadlocked. We solved that whole-sale in RAILGRADE by giving players full control over where and when trains take branches. We then structured the entire game around a handcrafted campaign. We’re further working on supporting a proper in-game map editor along with support for the Steam workshop. Thus a site like smrsimple would not even be required in the future to grab new maps for RAILGRADE, you will be able to download them directly!

If any of that catches your interest please consider wishlisting my game on Steam 🙂 Thank you for your time and consideration.

4 thoughts on “RAILGRADE, a new train tycoon, is coming to Steam!

  1. Veeblefetzer


    Really wonderful to see your dream coming to completion. I was wondering where this was at.

    Alas, Windows 7 here and not rushing to upgrade it any further. Sorry. I’m old and I’m over it all.

    But hey, just checked out the video on Steam and it looks great. Wishing much success for it.


  2. Daniel

    Thanks Veeblefetzer! To be honest I expect many hard core SMR players are in similar situations to your own spec requirements wise.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement 🙂

  3. Veeblefetzer

    Righto. Starting a new job here and thought why not celebrate. Grabbed a decent spec second hand Win 10 machine as there’s a few things I’d like to check out.

    Looking forward to it.

  4. Veeblefetzer

    Congrats! It be live!!

    Awesome to see it on GOG. That’s my preferred seller.

    Once I get settled into my new job (2 or 3 more weeks) I’ll buy a copy and give it a crack.

    Still looking forward to it.

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