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Gone With the Wind covers southern US over the period from 1830 to 1866, before the Civil War. It is a small 10×10 map, and uses only early steam locomotives which cannot pull many cars over long distances. There are rich markets in all regions of the map, so the starting point is not of great importance. It is intended to be played with 3 AIs with the goal of meeting all the victory objectives. It features cars, annexes and industries from Slider38’s My Old Ky Home map and Bobby Jancsika’s Maryland and Zimbabwe maps. As well as some reskinned cars and industries. The economy is roughly that of the Old South. So be prepared to transport slaves, tobacco, muskets, and rebel recruits

It is a difficult map.

11 thoughts on “Gone With the Wind

  1. Peter

    I like the map, but I think you need to extent the years to complete- a little too tough.

  2. TMiller

    Peter, The map is not easy, but it can be completed in the alloted time. I wanted the game to be true to US History, so I ended the map to coinside with the end of the US Civil War. I slowed down the game speed by a factor of 2 to provide twice the usual playing time for the 32 year scenario. After the Civil War the economy of the South changed substantially. I am working on a new map of the post Civil War South and will post it when it is complete. You may have to play GWTW a time or two to meet the Victory objectives. Have Fun.

  3. Drapik

    Very good map. To start the game easier on the north-east (Wilmington or Norfolk), because there is a tobacco plantation. Started at Wilmington I fulfilled all the conditions and bought 3 AIs in Jan 1960 (the most difficult level). It was interesting, thanks

  4. Woderaider

    I thoroughly enjoy playing this scenario – although I did find it a little confusing to begin with – the recruits and slaves are a novelty!
    Overall – excellent!

  5. Foxxy

    game freeze when I load the map. I remove what was in the folder “customAsset” and no change.

  6. foxxy

    I was wondering if its normal that the train (the first one available) seem to jump up and down a bit ?

  7. foxxy

    I notice that the fort wont accept soldiers. Unless I have a old map there a bug on this map.

  8. snoopy55

    Be sure you are trying to send them to the correct ‘Fort’. The Weapons Factory uses the same building. It’s in Chattanooga. The other two are the Forts and they are in Memphis and Richmond. We do have a couple of other Forts which may look better than the War Factory.

  9. Scott Ainz

    Broke out the game again and downloaded some maps. Got this one as I had never seen it. It crashes with the runtime error when I am loading it. I moved the warehouse items to custom assets but still not working.

    Scott in Kabul

  10. railage

    This copy loads fine for me, but this game is fickle sometimes. Some maps need a couple attempts before loading successfully. Please be aware that if you put things in Custom Assets folder, when switching maps, you need to make sure to clean out that folder as well as the normal clean of Usermaps folder.

    Because the map is working for me, I feel I should check to make sure that you have patched to V (61414) with Large Address Aware enabled on your executable?

    You might also want to try the patched version of the game found under “Issues fixed” when you search for the game on the pcgamingwiki website. Most stable version I know of, for Windows.

    What is the last thing you see before the game crashes? Are you using Windows?

  11. Scott Ainz

    Thanks for the reply Railage. I got the version of the EXE form the pcgamingwiki website. It locked up my computer a couple times, but messing with settings I got it to work. I reloaded the GWTW scenario and I put Warehouse2 into the Custom Assets. Everything else into the UserMaps. It Runtime error’d on me again. When I go to single player, I then find the GWTW screen in scenarios. I get it set up the way I want to play then hit the OK button. It then goes to the loading screen with the AI portraits…As soon as it says “Building up steam” It runtime error’d and that is that.

    Any ideas will be much appreciated. I have this problem with various maps, but others (just played the Liverpool Manchester 2 map with not one issue) work fine.

    Scott in Kabul

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