smrsimple: a five year plan


One of my inspirations for smrsimple was Cafe Tropico. Tropico cafe was a fansite for PopTop’s Tropcio. They had forums, map downloads, and a strong community.This is exactly what smrsimple has become, and I am proud of that.

In 1 month smrsimple will turn 3 years old. In 7 months Sid Meier’s Railroads itself will turn 6 years old.

The amazing part of this is that smrsimple is going just as strong as ever. We get between 250 and 350 visitors a day and most visitors are return visitors. People want to play sid meier’s railroads maps and smrsimple is providing that. I say this because there is a temptation to see the none-changing smrsimple frontpage and think that the site is dying.

From creation smrsimple was to become a library of maps with a focus on distributing those maps. It is my belief that smrsimple can be the most utility to map makers and sid meiers railroads players by making map downloading barrier free.

For 3 years smrsimple has provided sid meier’s railroads maps, and we will continue through the next 5 years and beyond.

7 thoughts on “smrsimple: a five year plan

  1. Martin

    Amen to that! Thanks for doing such a great job with this blog/resource site. I would probably have given up on SM’s Railroad if not for the great info found here.

  2. ajit

    i did exactly as you said regarding the map installation guide..

    there was no usermap folder in my games,hence I created one and zipped everything into the folder and run the game..but i cannot locate the map.

    I went into load game and tried but there is no file showing there to open up the game.

    i removed anything which was present in the custom assets folder also

    i am using 15 processor 16 gb ram..amd 6950 card.
    windows 7 64 bit.
    version of game is 1.0

    i have been playing the game for more than 4 years but came to know about your site today itself and it is amazing but unfortunately none of the maps work for me.

    can you help


  3. Warll

    You need to upgrade the game to the latest patch. Version 1.0 is very buggy and only works with very very old maps.

  4. Brian Preece

    Thanks from me too, I’ve played every standard scenario both as is and randomised and your site has given SMR a new lease of life for me

    Keep up the good work!

  5. TMiller

    Warll, the 5-year plan sounds great. I am glad to know that the site gets 250-350 hits per day. I had no idea the site gets that much traffic. I have posted 2 maps and am working on 3 more and I am glad to hear that people are still interested in SMR. There are lots of cool maps on the site that folks can play. I wish there were counters on the individual maps so people could see how many times each map has been downloaded. So few people post comments that looking at the number of comments does not give much indication of how popular a map is. I am guilty too of not posting comments. I played almost every map on the site before I posted my first comment. Now that I am making new maps, I don’t take the time to play some of the new ones. For me, making new maps is even more fun than playing the existing ones. Thanks for all your hard work.

  6. Warll

    Hey TMiller. Sorry about the lack of download counts. When I started the site I made the decision to not put any obstacles in front of downloading. A downside of this is that measuring download counts would be hard/impossible. The good news is that a while back I was able to use google analytics to measure the total download number, which was 100-200 downloads a day. I cannot count using that feature any more but I do know that bandwidth consumption has gone up by ~15% so download counts are growing.

    This also plays into why I have not posted some of the new maps you and cabo have made, I want to give each new map a fair share of front page exposure.

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