One of my inspirations for smrsimple was Cafe Tropico. Tropico cafe was a fansite for PopTop’s Tropcio. They had forums, map downloads, and a strong community.This is exactly what smrsimple has become, and I am proud of that.

In 1 month smrsimple will turn 3 years old. In 7 months Sid Meier’s Railroads itself will turn 6 years old.

The amazing part of this is that smrsimple is going just as strong as ever. We get between 250 and 350 visitors a day and most visitors are return visitors. People want to play sid meier’s railroads maps and smrsimple is providing that. I say this because there is a temptation to see the none-changing smrsimple frontpage and think that the site is dying.

From creation smrsimple was to become a library of maps with a focus on distributing those maps. It is my belief that smrsimple can be the most utility to map makers and sid meiers railroads players by making map downloading barrier free.

For 3 years smrsimple has provided sid meier’s railroads maps, and we will continue through the next 5 years and beyond.