Northern Germany

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This map runs at ‘slow speed’ (three times slower than normal), and covers three eras from 1890 to 1932.

In this scenario, there are three types of passengers – 3rd, 2nd, and 1st class. Villages, towns, and cities produce third-class passengers. Towns and cities produce 2nd-class passengers if supplied with 3rd-class passengers. Cities produce 1st-class passengers if supplied with 2nd-class passengers.

The industries that produce raw materials (grain, milk, swine, fish, and wood) also require a supply of third-class passengers in order to produce any output.

While third-class passengers pay very little, they are the essential basis for the entire economy of the map, and thus a valuable resource. Take advantage of the available chains of production to increase supply, to make available higher-value-added cargo, and to achieve the scenario goals.

You can also increase supply by building service buildings in the communities. Hotels, ticket offices, restaurants, post offices, and railway express agencies will increase the value and supply of passengers, mail, or express cargo.

Northern Germany by Lama

3 thoughts on “Northern Germany

  1. Minotaur

    Thank you! Very nice map. I can say that it requires “micro” control.
    It is easy without AIs as Robber Baron but I had really nice time playing it!

  2. tireshark

    Wow, tough one. I played on Robber Baron with 2 AI. Took a while to successfully get past the initial stages, but once i did, the middle and end went somewhat smooth (but hectic!) due to the amount of cash coming in. Was confusing at first, with the different passenger classes… but eventually i got it all straight. Really liked this map, as it was quite a brain workout to make it all work.

    One problem i might have found: It seems that the only cities that will convert black to blue (3rd to 2nd) and blue to red (2nd to 1st), without having to build restaurants/hotels, are hannover/hamburg/bremen. In every other city i would have to build a rest. or hotel if i wanted to generate 2nd or 1st class passengers… even though the city already displayed the ‘converts black to blue/blue to red’ buttons without any hotels/restaurants existing. Not sure if it is intended to be this way or not.

  3. JSJ

    The scenario loads properly for me till when I click on ‘OK’ on the dialog box which appears at the start of the scenario describing the era at which it crashes. Can someone tell me why?

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