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Say hello to western Russia! Here we will follow the great Russian Empire from her initial dabbling with railroads in 1841 until the Soviet Union’s last push to modernize in 1985.

Altogether I am pretty happy with the terrain and balance! The scenario is in its final version and the objectives have been balanced for difficulty and expansion, I think. Time moves 80% as fast as a normal map, so it should give players more time to plan out their excellent Russian railroads.

Western Russia by Recoup

30 thoughts on “Western Russia

  1. Recoup

    FYI guys, the map moves about 50% faster, not 100% faster. I didn’t want it to be too easy!

  2. Recoup

    Whoops, sorry! I meant it moves 20% slower. Not faster, not 50%. Man, what am I on today?

  3. Minotaur

    it’s very hard to deliver 20 of arms from Izhevsk to Volgograd. Volgograd has to be a Metropolis in order to accept arms, and it is very hard to get to it and grow it up to Metropolis with 3 opponents.

  4. karsten

    Right, the trick is to find out how to connect Volgograd as early as possible.

  5. Minotaur

    karsten, no trick is needed. It’s just a mistake in scenario. The part from 1941 up to 1945: Stalingrad it is not the same as Volgograd. Stalingrad is the name of St.-Peterburg at the times of Iosif Stalin.

  6. Recoup

    Stalingrad became Volgograd. Leningrad used to be Petrograd and is now St. Petersburg. The scenario is do-able, as it’s been tested and works correctly.

  7. Kevin Bears

    I’ve tried several times to deliver the arms from Izhevsk to Volgograd and I can’t do it. Are you saying that if I build out to Volgograd earlier it will become a metropolis and accept the arms? I have shipped at least 40 – 50 cars without them counting… Get everything else though.

  8. TMiller

    You have to grow Volvograd to a Metropolis which is the next to the largest of 11 city sizes in the game. It takes a lot of deliveries to get it to grow to a metropolis. I played the game at Investor level with no AIs and met all objectives in the game 50 years early, but Volvograd did not grow to a Metropolis until 1950. The arms deliveries are to be completed by 1945, so I could not deliver the arms in time. I guess you have to get Volvograd connected very early in the game and ship lots of goods to it so it will grow. Looking at the xml files, Volvograd begins as a “bustling town” size 5 and must be grown to a “metropolis” size 9. I think I read somewhere on this website that it takes 40 carloads of deliveries to get a city to grow to the next size. If this is true, then it takes 4 x 40 = 160 carloads of deliveries to Volvograd to get it to accept arms. It is a nice map and I enjoyed playing it, but next time I will get things going in Volvograd as early as possible.

  9. karsten

    Right, you need to figure out how to connect Volgograd quite early, then the rest is quite possible to achieve.

  10. Drapik

    For any start city of is possible the same strategy, i think: 1) St.Peterburg-Novgorod chain (passangers,mail,manufactured goods) 2) Moscow-Tula (passangers,steel), 3) Gomel-Kiev (passangers,mail,manufactured goods and food). You can then build a chain of Moscow – Voronezh, and Voronezh-Volgograd (food) for the grow Volgograd. I tested this strategy an baron mode, from Moscow.

  11. BlackPeach

    Know the map is old however i have a problem with the market going down around 1930 and makes it nearly imposibel to make any money at all have never had that problem in any other map, is there some tric for that?

    Best regards

  12. TMiller

    BlackPeach, I checked the xml files and there is nothing unusual in this map that would cause income from deliveries to drop an unusal amount around 1930s. The three Global Events in the game only cause stock prices to rise or fall around 20% for 3 years. Delivery revenues vary in all the maps usually decreasing by 50% after a lot of deliveries of a good. I suggest you check your Trains Report. It lists all train performance data with the most profitable train at the top of the list (default case – you can select to see trains ranked by maintenance cost too). You may want to delete trains that are loosing money, run only the most profitable trains for a while, and/or upgrade locomotives with excessive maintenance cost. Good Luck!

  13. Tangook

    I can’t get Volgograd to accept arms in time either despite read the comment and tried to connect it at early stage.

    By the way it’s a fun map, great work, thank you.

  14. Audrius

    Game crashing when I try to reach first Nitrates, always same place. Bad, because map is great, very hard, I like it 🙁

  15. Andrei

    All objectives complete in 1924, 2 AI oponents on robber baron level, 57mil RUI cash and 106mil company worth….:))). Very nice map

  16. Piranha

    I found the line of code that causes the Nitrates to crash the game. Open up the RRT Industries xml. Right below the line of code that says Sheep Farm, you’ll see a line of code that says ‘SoundScape’ blah blah blah. I deleted that whole line of code so that the Sheep Farm line of coding looks the same as all the others. This is the only thing i’ve found out of place when going through the xml files looking for irregularities. It was crashing before i did this, and after i did it it worked like a champ and i finished through the entire scenario. Good luck!

  17. snoopy55

    All of the out-of-town Industries have a szSoundScape in them. The ASSS_SHEEP_FARM_AMB is found in AudioSoundscapeScripts.xml, line 43. The Sheep Farm has been used in many maps with no problems. Do you have the 1.10 patch installed?

  18. Piranha

    I’m on a mac and that patch doesn’t exist for macs i don’t think… The latest they patched us (bought on app store) was 1.01 i believe

  19. snoopy55

    It should have been converted from the patched version. Did you have similar problems with the Sheep Farms on the Original maps? If not, go into Master Industries XML and see if there is a spelling difference between it and this map.

  20. Melancholy

    The game instantly crashes whenever I try to annex any of the sheep farms. I tried removing the sound line for all XML’s but it didn’t do anything. I’m playing on the latest version of the map (downloaded here)i with SMRI mod and the patched executable file.

    The sheep farm works fine on all the other maps.

  21. Daniel


    In general avoid running with both SMRI and these standalone maps installed. Standalone maps are meant to have only 1 map installed at a time.

    Background: I both run this site and was one of the three people involved in SMRI. SMRI was made in an era when we did not know that SMR had a hard limit on the number of assets which could be in the folder at the same time.

  22. Melancholy

    Ahw… It’s a shame. It’s my favourite map too. Is there any alternatives to SMRI then?

  23. Den

    I think Izhevsk and Volgograd should be connected through Kazan and Saratov

  24. Den

    The same error (placing station at the sheep farm) happens with my playing the scenario – it crashes.

  25. Helena-Sophia

    Having grown Nizhny Novgorad to the required size to be able to build the Automobile Factory, the industry can be purchased. But even when I have already delivered steel to the factory and the icon for available automobiles is visible (there are automobiles ready to be shipped), the tab for victory conditions does not show that I have bought the Automobile Factory – even though it is already manufacturing. Should it not register that I have built the required industry? Thank You for looking into that.

  26. polux1331

    I just checked that and worked fine. aren’t you confusing Nizhny Novgorod with Novgorod?

  27. Helena-Sophia


    Imagine how stupid I felt when I realized that there are two Novgorods – like Orleans and New Orleans…
    The only issue after this was Volgograd. I solved this issue by changing Volgograd to be able to be started with. Starting with Volgograd is still a challenge, but it is possible towards the end. I delivered my rockets one year before game completion.
    Thank You for pointing out my ‘glitch’. 🙂

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