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This was going to be a SMR mod replicating some of RRT3’s tactical and strategical richness. I found out the hard way that the programs are simply too different to replicate scenarios.

So here is a fresh East Africa scenario, inspired by RRT3 German East Africa and by Thomas Vincente’s Spain.

I hope you like it! Money is tight only in the first era, after that, the main challenge is getting the logistics right. I have completed it sucessfully in the easy Investor and Financier modes, but perhaps someone can do better? Up to 3 AI players can be added for some mayhem, but be careful not to neglect the main goals when buying up the competition.


  • EMD SD40-2 Soo by Rodea
  • Inspired by RRT3 German East Africa and by Thomas Vincente’s Spain
  • New event art based on local Makonde sculptures

*** Version 1.2 ***
Version 1.2 has improved victory conditions, better scenery and tunnels, and Independence celebrations for Juba, capital of new country Southern Sudan in 2011. More screenshots in the original forum topic: 

18 thoughts on “Uganda

  1. Minotaur

    It seems that it’s impossible to complete 1st era goals as Robber Baron if you start at Uvinza or Kigoma.

  2. Minotaur

    And one more note: I have no Newspaper in Juba. Should it appear at the end of scenario?

  3. karsten

    Hi Minotaur,
    I am pleased to read from someone tackling Uganda! Check out the economic environment of Uvinza and Kigoma again, you need to discover a special moneymachine there.
    Juba, you need to grow until you can build/buy a newspaper there, which then demands paper.

  4. Minotaur

    Hi Karsten,
    I maybe blind but I absolutely see no anything that looks like “Money Machine” near Uvinza and Kigoma. Kigoma does not accept Manufactured Goods. Kaliula is quite far from Kigoma and Uvinza, thus earning money by delivering Textiles is very slow. Even when Uvinza is grew to the Town I cannot build a Newspaper there in order to deliver paper from Kigoma. Any additional clues? Thanks in advance.

  5. karsten

    Hi Minotaur,
    I have discussed the “moneymachine” for Robberbarons in more detail in this link, check it out:

    Forget about building a newspaper, Uvinza produces Manufactured Goods from wood. You can’t sell them until Kigoma and Kaliula accept Manufactured Goods, so you grow those towns with textiles and wool respectively. Don’t worry if they take their time to grow. And don’t connect Kaliula before the mayor makes his special offer.
    About 8 to 6 years before the end of Era 1, you will have just enough money to build a >cheap!< line to Dodoma and Ruvu. Immediately, you start delivering cattle to Ruvu, which generates enough extra income to connect to Dar es Salaam AND grown Ruvu to accept passengers. Run two passenger trains (on cheap! parallel track) between Dar es Salaam and Ruvu, with 5 passenger and 3 food cars. The food cars grow Ruvu some, the undelivered passenger cars fill up over time. Just before the end of Era 1, Ruvu accepts passengers and your two trains trundle into town to deliver them. DONE! πŸ™‚

  6. Gusto

    Hi, I finished the first section of the challenge, it is quite fun to see a hard layout. Rails cost so much if you need to build bridge and tunnels ! I have a problem though, the fishery camp in the middle lake has a very very small island to put an annex (depot). When you lay a track to that island, there is a chance it will get submerge and you won’t be able to build the annex to the fishery. I have to restart or reload a previous game.

  7. karsten

    You are right, Gusto, but it is not a big problem: When you reach the island, hit the “+” button once or twice. This raises the land enough to place the fishery camp safely! πŸ™‚ karsten

  8. TMiller

    Tried the Uganda map at Mogul Level and 3 AIs. The AIs competed with me for the goods needed to meet the early era goals, so I didn’t meet them, accept for the $20 million net worth in era 2. This is a very cool map with interesting terrain and far ranging goods and industries. I delivered all goods in the game after buying a few industries that were not already in cities. The newspaper headline photos of African Masks was cool too. I was able to beat the AI’s and buy them all out, but I didn’t meet many victory objectives. The long haul to move oil to Mombassa makes it difficult to get many arms produced, but I will try again now that I have a better feel for the map. I didn’t know about the money machine, so I am going to look for that on the next play. Nice Job Karsten, it was fun.

  9. TMiller

    Tried again at Investor Level with no AI’s. Was able to meet all victory goals with no problems except the 600 passengers to be delivered from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma, Tanga and Dodema. Dar es Salaam did not generate enough passengers during the last 60-70 years of the game to meet the objective even though it was a Metropolis the whole time. I was only able to deliver a total of 354 cars of passengers to all 3 cities combined. The most challenging task was moving the oil from the northeast corner of the map to Mombassa and arms from Mombassa to the stated city required running 3 trains each, over a long line with sidings for passing trains. This is a very interesting map and fun to play, but you may want to reduce the number of passengers originating from Dar es Salaam. Unless I did something wrong, it can’t be accomplished unless maybe you have to start moving passengers to only these 3 cities from the very begining of the game. I moved passengers from Dar es Salaam to Ruvu during the early part of the game. Nice Map.

  10. TMiller

    Thanks for the tip Karsten. I get it now. I may want to use that looping trick in another map.

  11. Drapik

    Thanks for challenging and interesting map. i tried at baron from Uvinza, and completed all conditions except “600 passengers from Dar es Salaam”… Unfortunately, i have this map often crashes, so I had to often be saved and loaded)

  12. karsten

    Pretty impressive – glad you like the map! Did you try the 3Gb enabler solution to minimize memory problems? This is a pretty big map, and scrolling across it at speed can be dangerous πŸ™

  13. Drapik

    Have not tried 3Gb enabler solution. I’ve read about it, but not yet realized. If this work i’ll try from another starting cities

  14. Drapik

    I tried again, from Kigoma.In 1898, Dar es Salaam was connected with Dodema, Kigoma and Tanga (Dodema early), and passengers was transported, and all AIs were absorbed. But dont have time to transport 600 passangers πŸ™‚

  15. karsten

    There is a trick to completing those 600 passengers πŸ™‚ Read above!

  16. sennaspirit

    What a fantastic map, have not beat it yet, i’m still a noobie at SMR but it’s very compelling. Nice work.

  17. Rick

    I don’t get why you would put resources and or cities so close together. You have so much wasted room, I don’t I am sorry but it started to look good and then went totally down hill.

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