This was going to be a SMR mod replicating some of RRT3’s tactical and strategical richness. I found out the hard way that the programs are simply too different to replicate scenarios. So here is a fresh East Africa scenario, inspired by RRT3 German East Africa and by Thomas Vincente’s Spain. I hope you like it! Money is tight only in the first era, after that, the main challenge is getting the logistics right. I have completed it sucessfully in the easy Investor and Financier modes, but perhaps someone can do better? Up to 3 AI players can be added for some mayhem, but be careful not to neglect the main goals when buying up the competition. Credits:
  • EMD SD40-2 Soo by Rodea
  • Inspired by RRT3 German East Africa and by Thomas Vincente’s Spain
  • New event art based on local Makonde sculptures
*** Version 1.2 *** Version 1.2 has improved victory conditions, better scenery and tunnels, and Independence celebrations for Juba, capital of new country Southern Sudan in 2011. More screenshots in the original forum topic: