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Map Maker:
Download: Uganda 1.2

This was going to be a SMR mod replicating some of RRT3’s tactical and strategical richness. I found out the hard way that the programs are simply too different to replicate scenarios.

So here is a fresh East Africa scenario, inspired by RRT3 German East Africa and by Thomas Vincente’s Spain.

I hope you like it! Money is tight only in the first era, after that, the main challenge is getting the logistics right. I have completed it sucessfully in the easy Investor and Financier modes, but perhaps someone can do better? Up to 3 AI players can be added for some mayhem, but be careful not to neglect the main goals when buying up the competition.


  • EMD SD40-2 Soo by Rodea
  • Inspired by RRT3 German East Africa and by Thomas Vincente’s Spain
  • New event art based on local Makonde sculptures

*** Version 1.2 ***
Version 1.2 has improved victory conditions, better scenery and tunnels, and Independence celebrations for Juba, capital of new country Southern Sudan in 2011. More screenshots in the original forum topic: http://smrsimple.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=4240&p=49782 

Scrooge Holiday

Map Maker:
Download: Scrooge Holiday

Making Toys Pay in Shady Valley.
Your uncle Scrooge has challenged you to manage and expand his ailing Toy factory in Shady Hollow.
Start with some clever market moves, build infrastructure and increase incomes in Shady Valley!
Passenger demand is limited, so weigh carefully whether it is worth disrupting your goods traffic.

Arizona Gold

Map Maker:
Download: Arizona Gold V2.4 SAM

Arizona Gold Scenario:

1871 – The Civil War has taught the nation that if it wishes to hold the Pacific Coast firmly to the Union, efficient transport will have to be provided, to limit the chance that some foreign country might annex California. Due to concerns of the Indian Reserves, construction is slow up to 1881, but then the Atlantic Pacific Railroad is rushed to completion with princely subsidies of land and money.

1930 – To counter the Great Depression, the U.S. Government finances Hoover Dam Project. Las Vegas receives thousands of depression-weary job seekers, who help build the world’s largest gravity dam.

1970 – Tourism comes of age as major economic activity, in Las Vegas and in beautiful Arizona.