Scrooge Holiday

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Making Toys Pay in Shady Valley.
Your uncle Scrooge has challenged you to manage and expand his ailing Toy factory in Shady Hollow.
Start with some clever market moves, build infrastructure and increase incomes in Shady Valley!
Passenger demand is limited, so weigh carefully whether it is worth disrupting your goods traffic.

4 thoughts on “Scrooge Holiday

  1. TMiller

    Just played Scrooge Holiday. Its a fun map. Very complex and interesting terrain. Definately a track layers map. I succeeded at meeting all objectives at the Mogul level with no AIs. The only problem I had was delivering 80 carloads of food to Shady Valley during the second era. I stated delivering food to Grimey and the Victory Screen counted it as being delivered to Shady Valley. Then delivered more food to another city and it also counted it as going to Shady Valley. I guess the xml scenario file must actually say deliver to _ANY_CITY. I don’t know if you meant all the food to go to Shady Valley or just to any city. I don’t think I could have delivered all 80 carloads of food to Shady Valley in time. Fun Map.

  2. TMiller

    Woops…I got Shady Hollow (the City) and Shady Valley (the whole map) mixed up. I see now that you intended the food to be delivered to any city, not just Shady Hollow, so everything is in order. My bad.

  3. karsten

    Good to see you gave Scrooge a try! It was my first attempt to stretch SMR to more interesting and challenging gameplay than is available in the standard maps.

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