5 thoughts on “Africa Diamonds

  1. tireshark

    I dont know how this plays on beginner settings, but on advanced (robber baron/hard – 2 AI’s) i found it extremely challenging. I was finally able to beat it with a lot of planning, and a little luck… but it took probably 10-15 attempts.

    Certain starting cities are impossible to win with, and if you play with 2 AI’s, you have to get a game where they dont interfere too much. Also sometimes the AI can buy track with a negative cash balance… which depending on how much they abuse it can destroy your chances… not sure if this is common with custom maps, or just a bug here. Perfect conditions (and maybe the only way to win with rb/h/2AI setting) are starting at Cairo or Adis, challengers on the west coast, and very little interference. I imagine playing with 1 AI (or even none) would still be a pretty good challenge. I did experience a lot of game crashes, but i was always able to eventually get the game past the hiccup. All in all, i really enjoyed this map.

  2. MarkH

    Fun map for a short game. Beat it fairly easy. It did CTD once on me. I went back to check for any FPK’s and such…found nothing. Don’t know why it crashed. I played it a second time and completed it with no problems. Never crashed on any other maps..

  3. karsten

    A number of old SAM maps still are without proper EVENT files, this is one of them. You were lucky it did not crash out again the second time you tried it, but since the events are random, that can happen too. I will fix it when I have worked through my current list of maps to update.

  4. Lorne

    Thank you so much! This was a great way to spend an evening. Nice to find some new life in a favorite old game. For anyone new to custom maps you MUST have the Railroads 1.1 patch (click ) I also found the “SMR Map Shifter C” custom map installer handy (search “SMR Map Shifter C” in the upper right of this page).

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