7 thoughts on “Liverpool and Manchester 2

  1. Dom11

    Very difficult map. At least for my skill level.

    I’ve finished it on my first try on financier difficulty but it was a harsh experience. All three time periods were done with 1-3 years on the clock. Not for a casual player.

  2. Jimbobbedyjobob

    Hey… Any ideas what’s up? Every time I try to open this map the game crashes… Other maps from here work… And as far as I can recall I’ve put in all the patches.

  3. LastWilfredo

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  4. MWyatt

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  5. The Equalizer

    Hi, I know this is an old thread but I have an issue with British currency. It only manifests itself on the LM2 map. All other currencies display correctly, including Great Britain. I get a leading AA on every currency entry!

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