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1830 – 1970.
This scenario covers the Florida Area. It is recommended for all player levels. Also thanks to Dan Gackly for helping fix the map and making it work better. Added 2 square islands to simulate oil rigs. Added Objectives by Vzbob

10 thoughts on “Florida

  1. Warll

    This is a rather historical map, it is in fact one of the earliest custom maps made for SMR. Hense why it is here despite its very primitive design, I assure you it was a marked improvment over the first few maps.

    This was of course a ways before Firaxis released the map editor.

  2. Bus

    I would like to play on-line with these maps. Bit like model railway on-line play, nothing competitive, anyone interested?

    email me: efast.lfs “@” gmail.com

  3. d53642

    Its actually the second map I made, and the 2nd or 3rd map released at the time.

  4. Warll Post author

    Ok good you do remember better than me. I knew it wasn’t the first but I thought there were more than one before it.

    Do you happen to have a copy of your very first map? It got lost in the forum in some mix-up early on but I would like to post it.

  5. d53642

    Maritimes map was the one that started it. I still have all my old stuff, hard to believe I keep my saves and docs after 3 new computers, and at least 2 formats. 🙂

  6. Warll Post author

    Yeah its funny how long things can last if you’re not touching them. I think I still have essays from grade ten on one of my harddrives.

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