Montana Snow

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Download: Montana Snow ZIP V2b

An arctic air mass has brought snow to the Montana region of the United States. Still, railroads must be built. Montana Snow was designed as a single player SAM (stand alone map). Please be sure that there are no other files in your Usermaps or CustomAssets Folders. There is a Goods List in the Warehouse folder. This map features some new goods, industries, etc. The trees are bare, the pines snow-covered, even the shrubs are brown from the cold and snow. Beware of Tourists. Only villages will accept them for credit. This map plays in 3 Eras running from 1930 to 2005. You have much to do. I hope you enjoy Montana Snow.



13 thoughts on “Montana Snow

  1. Guy

    I am thrilled to see you have another new map for us to enjoy! I will download tomorrow and enjoy! Thank you Slider38!!

  2. Jedidieah

    Awesome. Thanks for the new map! Will be trying it out tonight.

  3. Slider38

    Has anyone been through the map yet? Just wondering what you thought. I’ve got a new one started.

  4. polux31

    I like all new maps so I couldn´t wait to finish it. Maybe some more ages and objectives would be nice but it’s challenging as it is. I finished all objectives with only 5 months to the end but I’ll keep playing until I find a better strategy. I’m playing against 3 AI and I want to finish all objectives and buying all opponents but this time I could only buy one.

  5. Slider38

    Thanks for giving it a go. For us lesser players (me) I think it is a pretty good test. Anyway, thanks for playing. How did it play with AI? It was designed as a one player map so I really never did any testing with AI.

  6. Guy

    Hello Slider38, You have created another fun map. Thank you so much for your hard work. It is much appreciated. I have enjoyed Montana Snow a number of times now. It is fun to try more challenging levels of play.

  7. slider38

    I’m glad that you have had some fun with it. The next map is underway.

  8. slider38

    Glad you enjoyed the map. I appreciate the feedback. More maps on the way.

  9. charles

    @slider38 it is very nice to see someone still putting in the effort to create a new map in 2021 for old fans and older us! TYSM! However, when I run, my game always crash. Mine is installed from steam and I was able to install the Japan map fine except the others including this.

  10. slider38

    I am sorry you are having trouble getting the map to run. I don’t have the steam version so I can’t test for it. I did buy a backup CD version on Amazon a couple of years ago. I think I spent 5 bucks on it. I know the map runs as you can see from other comments. I know others who have had problems in the past with the steam version, but I thought we were past all that.

    Let me suggest this: Take the xml files from the map, open them in notepad or some other xml editor and then just re-save them. Sometimes the crashes can be caused by date problems and re-saving the xml files would fix that. Then try the map again and see if that makes a difference.

  11. thepabray

    Thanks, Slider38, for another great map!

    I played this on RB with no AIs, commencing in Ketchum, and managed to complete it with 13 years to spare. I really enjoyed the snowy scenes, particularly due to living in a snowless part of the world (Perth, Western Australia). The engines and new goods were all beautifully done, as usual. And yes, as you said, one has much to do! Saying that, I did not find this as intense as some of your other maps. Cheers, thepabray.

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