Emerald Coast

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Download: Emerald Coast V2 ZIP

Emerald Coast is designed as a one-player map and runs in 3 Eras from 1870 to 1955. The map contains some new material. It is a SAM map (Stand Alone Map). Please insure that your usermaps and custom assets folders do not contain other files. The map has been fully tested and should run well. There is a good deal of track to be layed. You are challenged to build a railroad in the southeastern US.
The map does not allow crossovers. To cross existing track you must switch through. There is a Goods List text file within the Warehouse folder. You might find it beneficial. I hope that you enjoy Emerald Coast.


~ Slider38

4 thoughts on “Emerald Coast

  1. Guy

    Hello Slider38,

    Thank you for another map. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but have NO Doubt it will bring hours of fun. Thank you!


  2. slider38

    I hope you will enjoy it. I have started on the next one. Meanwhile have a happy holiday.

  3. Guy

    Hello Slider38,

    In fact I am enjoying your new game very much. Thanks again for all you do.

    This is just a bit off target. As a railfan my favorite steam engine is the 4-4-0 American. When it hit the rails in the 1850’s it must have seemed like a Rocket Ship. May I say your rendition of the American is drop dead gorgeous!

  4. slider38

    Thanks Guy. I appreciate your kind words. I am glad you are enjoying the map. Hopefully some other folks will give it a try. Meanwhile, work goes on on the next one. Got to go build a GP40 with dynamic brakes. Don’t think I’ve done one of those before. And Happy New Year!

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