The Great Northern Dual Map Welcome to The Great Northern Dual map. This download includes two versions of the game – The Great Northern designed for single player and The Great Northern AI designed for play against AI. Both versions are SAM (Stand Alone Maps). Please be sure that there are no other files in your Usermaps or Custom Assets folders. Both versions include some new goods, industries, engines and traincars. There are a few differences between these version: The Great Northern version does not allow crossovers. You must switch through to cross existing track. The Great Northern AI version does allow crossovers. There are a few other differences. The AI version has a couple of added industries and there are a few goods not used in that version. The Patent files are different and the goals in each version vary. When you start the game and sort through the map page you will find both versions. I hope that you enjoy The Great Northern. Goods List
  • Wood makes Lumber makes Wood Products
  • Wood makes Paper makes Newspapers
  • Wood makes Paper makes Paper Packaging
  • Iron Ore makes Steel makes Automobiles
  • Iron Ore makes Steel makes Buses
  • Iron Ore makes Steel makes Steel Tanks
  • Iron Ore makes Steel makes Tractors makes Farm Equipment
  • Iron Ore makes Oil makes Chemicals makes Vinyl makes Vinyl Windows
  • Corn makes Manuf Goods
  • Wheat makes Flour makes Food
  • Cattle makes Food
  • Hogs makes Spam
  • Gypsum makes Drywall
Please note that the Goods Oil, Chemicals, Vinyl and Vinyl Windows are not used in The Great Northern AI version of the map.