Cajun Country

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Cajun Country runs in 3 Eras and contains some new goods, industries, engines, train cars and new music. It has been well tested. It was designed as a single player map but will run ok with AI players. This map is a SAM (Stand Alone Map). Please be sure no other files are in your Usermaps or Custom Assets folders. Download the zips to a new instance of SMR. Unzip the first file and it should unzip the rest automatically. I have included a Goods List which I think will prove helpful. I think you will find some challenges with this map. Tell your bridge crew to gear up. You’ve got a lot of rivers and bayous to cross. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Cajun Country

  1. Guy

    Hello Slider38,

    Thank you for Cajun Country. I have not yet downloaded the map, but based on your prior work, I Know Cajun Country will be great fun. Thanks again!!!


  2. Slider38

    I hope you enjoy the map. If you have any issues, please let me know.

  3. Slider38

    Sorry foreigner. I have notified Warll of the problem. Meanwhile, the files do reside in the Maps in Development forum. Due to a change that took place when the site’s software was updated, the file size limit was re-set back to a 5 meg max, so there are 10 zips there plus a Goods List, but having uploaded those files, it really doesn’t take very long to download them. Anyway, it’s an option until this gets fixed. I really don’t know what happened when this was posted by Warll, but it definitely has a problem. Slider

  4. Paul Barnard

    Many thanks for this. There are not many days when I don’t play a short session of SMR and this should make a great addition …..when you fix it….
    Cheers from the UK.

  5. Slider38

    Hey folks, I have checked the new download file and it now looks good. Thanks Warll. If you look in the main Cajun_Country listing, where the RRT xmls are, you will see a Cajun_Country_Goods_List.txt file which you can pull out of there and open with Notepad or whatever you use for text files. You might find that helpful.

  6. Ozz

    Oh cool, a new map. I’m glad to see there are still people playing this game. I also have been making new maps (15×15) and testing them. The more cities I add, seem to cause it to crash as there is still not enough memory after I used the 4GB Patch ( Download the Patch from )
    by Daniel Pistelli @ NCORE.

    I’m guessing that with the large maps, it is better to just have 4 cities minimum, to reduce the possibility of it further crashing. However, I also have the SMRI.exe installed, which might be conflicting with my new maps.

    Besides all that, I will try this one out. Thank you 🙂

  7. Ozz

    I like the Map, innovation and great effort, which has been implemented. Well done 🙂

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