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Connecticut features 3 Eras and runs from 1860 to 1969. Credit for the original version of Connecticut goes to newhavenpatriot, this version has been expanded and finished by slider38 with SAM assistance from Snoopy55.

20 thoughts on “Connecticut

  1. Guy

    Hello Slider38,

    I recall you said you had at least one more map in you. I just now saw it and have not even downloaded it yet. First I want to thank you for your work. I appreciate it more than you know. I have no doubt I will enjoy Connecticut. Thanks again!!!


  2. slider38

    Hope you like it. You will also find maps Appalaicha Rails, and The Union Pacific in the “Maps in Development” forum. They are both finished and fully tested.

  3. Alan Bagnall

    I am getting an error message when trying to download this map “403 forbidden”

    Any ideas?


  4. railage

    Might be a problem with the download link, I get the same error. In the meantime you can grab it by going to the “Forum”, link in the header of every page, then Maps in Development section and look for Connecticut SAM.

  5. Miguel

    It is incredible how we still have joy playing this game after so many years!
    Thank you for new and refreshing maps! 😀


  6. tservo3k

    This may sound like an odd question, but coming back to playing SMR after a long spell. I tried checking the articles on this blog and I see nothing but the title of each article; no content. Is there something I missed that is messing this up?

  7. Guy

    Hello Slider,

    If I may follow up my last comment. Connecticut is a Great Game. It is, I suspect, what Sid Meier had in mind when he created the game, but he never achieved it, in my opinion. You have made a Great Game, Slider! Thanks again.

  8. BluTarDis

    Wow, we still have people posting!
    Slider, GREAT challenging map. I played it all day.

  9. luke

    what a great map – took me a few attempts but managed it complete everything with 11 years to spare. Best map I’ve played yet – just the right balance. Those who its crashing for, EMPTY your user map file first!

  10. Slider38

    Glad to see folks enjoying the map. My latest is in test and will hopefully be posted soon. Thanks for the kind words.

  11. railage

    Slider, I am having trouble getting onto Bobby’s site lately. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Error 403, must be that it is guessing if my home IP is good or not. Anyway, I managed to download the test version of your new map, but now can’t give you the report. I will keep trying. Just to let you know. If you want I can post/message through this forum.

  12. railage

    I have the latest browser version. Firefox 60.0.1

    Was working over the weekend, now today it’s stopped again. I didn’t change anything. I’m now using the link you provided. Tried several times. I’ve cleared cookies too.

  13. Johnnnny

    Please reupload map if it possible.
    I am getting 404 error when trying to download.

  14. Daniel

    Thank you for reporting this Johnnny, I will ask Slider if he has a copy I can re-upload.


  15. Minotaur

    Unfortunately the game crashes each time I try to play this map.
    Other SAM maps from Author works perfectly.

  16. thepabray

    Completed on RB with no AIs, commencing in New Haven, with 22 years to spare. This map was particularly challenging with the large distances involved, particularly for the first set of objectives. Once again, I enjoyed the new sets of engines, liveries and goods. Thanks, Slider38! I am on a mission to complete all of your excellent maps 🙂

    Cheers, thepabray.

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