Happy 9 years of SmrSimple!


Time travels fast all the times you wish it would be slow eh? Sid Meier’s Railroads itself is over a decade old but this site is still going strong. I am happy that SmrSimple has lasted so long. From the start my goal was to establish a website which would outlast the player base. Happy railroading!

7 thoughts on “Happy 9 years of SmrSimple!

  1. Jay Martinez

    Congratulations on you Ninth year. I am glad you guys are still going strong.

  2. Ozz

    Congratulations Warll and thank you for you dedication and commitment you have given to all the community over the years.

    After playing many other games over the years, there is something just nice and simple about Sid Meier’s Railroads that keeps me coming back to play it.

    It use to frustrate me to no end, trying to get the game working better with the 3GB Enabler to stop it crashing, but I could never get that thing working or understand how to do it.

    Today however, thanks to Daniel Pistelli at NCORE, he created this patch for “ANY” Application that needs extra 2GBs. It fixes SMR with one click in less than one minute.

    4GB Patch by Daniel Pistelli
    DOWNLOAD: http://ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php

    It automatically upgrades (Patches) the 2GB Virtual Memory to a total of 4GB Virtual Memory, within the Executable file (*.exe file) of a x86 Platform based Program or Application.

    WHAT IS AN EXECUTIVE FILE (*.exe file)
    In simple terms, it is that “Icon” which you click on to start up a Program, usually found on your Desktop.

    This tool allows your Program or Application to run more fluently on x64 Platforms, greatly reducing the problem of insufficient Virtual Memory, which may cause programs to stop or crash. It’s a great Tool for Old Applications that need a lot of Virtual Memory for Games, 3D Renderization, Multimedia etc.

    Once Downloaded, click on the Tool and find the Executable file (*.exe file) of the Program or Application you want upgraded to gain these extra 2GBs. It is located in one or the other C/Program Files… within the folder of the Program name. The other way to find it is through the Command Line. Look in the “Start Menu” and find “Run” then type “4gb_patch file.exe” and locate the file. It will automatically create a backup copy of the original executable within that folder.

    The reason why things are this way on x64 is easy to explain. On x86 applications have 2GB of Virtual Memory out of 4GB (The other 2GBs are reserved for the Operating System). On x64 the other 2GBs can now be accessed by 32bit Applications.

    In order to achieve this, a “Flag” has to be set in the file’s “Internal Format”. This is common knowledge for professionals in this industry who do it everyday with the CFF Explorer. However, there are many others who don’t even know this can be achieved. This was another reason why this tool was made.

    With all that said, I personally would like to see someone come up with a totally new base engine, which caters for “Todays Systems” where we could make massive maps larger that we can achieve now. But I am guessing that would border on copyright. Eg: To build the new base using all the original files to work off it, keeping it close to the original as possible.

  3. railage

    We appreciate it. This site introduced me to custom maps. Being freely accessible by all makes it a vital resource to keep the game alive. Well done sir.

  4. 123

    man this site is still here. i used to play this before i had a death accident back in 2014 and thought its over for me and never see this no more!

  5. Seabo

    Glad the website’s still a thing, I’ve been thinking that the community’s been long gone. Anyone have any updates on the one map based in Florida?

  6. railage

    Lowell the author of the Florida map seems to have encountered health issues. If you aren’t scared to jump through some security hoops for sign-up/download, try the link to vzbob’s Forum in the lower right corner of this page. There are extra maps and other content over there.

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