New York Central and The Erie

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Download: NYC V2

Over a year in the making comes Chrisle Wek’s New York Central map. The map is gorgeous but be careful as it is also difficult.

19 thoughts on “New York Central and The Erie

  1. Joe J

    Beautiful Scenery! Great Map! But it is just too difficult to enjoy it.

  2. Guy

    My thanks to Chrislewek for all the hard work in developing a great map for all the fans of this game!

  3. Michael

    This map is really a work of art… The only issue that I have with it is that after a hundred or more hours trying many different things I can’t even finish it with all goals achieved even on the easiest settings… This by far the hardest and most frustrating scenario I’ve ever encountered…

  4. Michael

    Well, it took over 150 hours. Many re-starts, pauses, saved games but I finished it! I will NOT be retrying this on a more difficult level as it became an obsession to complete it successfully! 😉

  5. Jediron

    Hello, i see you use custom traincars. I am looking for a custom Beer car, any idea where i can find something like that? A custom oil car or something would be fine also. Ty 😉

  6. RolandBP

    I am also someone who thinks this is an awesome map. So far I have had 2 differing goes at attempting tp complete the 1st set of tasks by 1843, with no show at all. I know I will enjoy it in tabletop mode. Still I will try again at Invester level. Once again excellent map.

  7. RolandBP

    I have at last completed the 1843 section and am about to try the 1843 – 1852 section. This is such an interesting Map. Roland.

  8. RolandBP

    I have now completed all tasks to 1862, but only 2 of the 3 to 1865. I failed miserably on the 1871 task. From then on the game kept on crashing. Any help would be much appreciated. Roland.

  9. Chris Lewek

    Crashing, huh? I have completed the game a few times, but it wasn’t without a crash or 2 on the way. Usually I would’ve done something that was fixable by just restoring to one save or two saves back, sometimes you have to go back further. Good luck, and thank you for enjoying my SAM.

  10. Aquind

    Has anyone completed this successfully? I can make enough money and got the first two achievements but I cant scroll and place rails fast enough to make it past that.

  11. Chris Lewek

    Myself and Karsten have completed it. It is tedious, but rewarding in the end. You get to learn a lot about the history of railroading in the Northeast of the U.S.

  12. RRman

    Great, quality map! A wonderful challenge on Robber Baron. As a casual player I had to have numerous attempts to get the right strategy to achieve the 1871 goal. Then the third attempt re-starting from that point was successful. Buffalo didn’t quite grow fast enough to accept M Gds in time, so had to build an Oil Refinery in Jamestown as I had been 3 loads short on the last attempt. SMR with challenge. Thank-you!

  13. KELLIR

    I think I have found a bug in this map. Passegers and mail will auto reserve. This can block another train from picking up passegers and mail even if that train is sitting at the station.

  14. RRman

    KELLIR, I also got that. Turns out that is standard game behavior if you tick “Wait until Full”. Even if you untick that option when the the train is waiting in the station, the reserve still happens. The game waits until a full 1.00 load is in station storage before it loads a car on the train. That particular partial load is untouchable by any other trains.

    With “Wait until Full” un-ticked the game will load any part of a load available even if it’s 0.01 and then depart. That partial load will count as a full one in the victory counter. The partial load shouldn’t be counted. That’s the bug I see.

    Karsten made Uganda where he requires using partial loads as there aren’t enough full loads available in total. Partial loads can also be used to grow a city faster at the expense of profit of course.

    Hope you are enjoying the challenge of this map. I am mainly over on but I did join the forum here recently. I could post a saved game of my Robber Baron win on this forum (anyone can download it here) if that’s of interest to you.

  15. Andre

    Still playing in 2016!!

    This is probably one of the hardest maps I have played, but its really enjoyable too.
    I noticed that some of the goals seemed unrealistic given their time frames (especially with carload numbers).. I found I had to plan ahead very early on, just to meet the objectives..

    I managed to complete more than half of the medals but the last 3 objectives were flat out of reach. I didn’t quite understand the point of making a food plant in Buffalo, and noticed that when grain was delivered, it would interfere with beer production, thus limiting my ability to transport it to NY.

    I love to play SMR on the hardest routing difficulty, and I guess this slows things right down… but I kept noticing that I just had to keep laying track for stalled trains even when there were track spaces available next to them.. This seems to be a problem with SMR.. Its really sad that the AI’s routing system is so very poor! I usually don’t get this problem because SMR’s maps are simpler but on this monster the AI buckled.

  16. railage

    I’m RRman, but signed up to the forum on this site with the name railage. I uploaded a saved game of this map a few months ago to the forum. Link: One of my favorite maps for sure.

    In that forum post I explain my routing strategy in a little detail. I always use Hard routing difficulty also. It’s unfortunate that SMR has very basic signals, however it’s still possible to make some fairly complex, jam-free layouts.

  17. Chris Lewek

    Thank you all very much for all the feedback,
    Andre & Railage you were especially helpful.

    I may just lower some of the requirement amounts
    as I myself have only won the game once or twice on
    Robber Baron.

    My Main Goal of this map was to tell the story of
    New York State railroading and try to nail the timeline
    and industrial history the best that I could.

    I was having thoughts of reworking this map slightly
    by including cities in Pennsylvania and Jersey, while
    thinning out some of the Upstate New York cities.
    This act would usher in the Pennsy so it may take me
    a few months of research and testing to come out with it.

  18. railage

    I look forward to a new version or if you make another map in the future.

    My hat’s off to you for making a map that guides the player down a play path which simulates actual history. This is hard to do in SMR. I think the restrictive goals, while probably being a bit too severe, help keep the story on track. There’s no time to waste on unrealistic side-pursuits.

    This map was instrumental in shaping my high-traffic routing solutions. Naturally I’m curious how you, the designer, handle the high-traffic situations. Do you force one-way traffic by including a mid-way “way-point” stop specific to only that direction, or do you use “sidings” similar to those I used?

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