Lake Michigan West

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Download: Lake Michigan West V2

This map contains 3 Eras running from 1930 to 2000. It contains a lot of new material – new industries, traincars, engines, etc. The map area runs roughly from Chicago, Illinois north to Sheboygan, Wisconsin and west to the Mississippi River. This is a single player map.

This map is about track control. There are no crossover bridges. You must guide your trains to their destination using switches as necessary. This is a 17 x 17 map.

63 thoughts on “Lake Michigan West

  1. Guy

    Thank you Slider38! You and all the other folks who have worked so hard over the years have provided me (and many others) with hours of enjoyment. Thanks again for what you do.

  2. slider38

    Glad you enjoyed it. A hobby that doesn’t cost anything and keeps me out of mischief for endless hours. :>)

  3. slider38

    Sorry BluTarDis. I don’t check this site as often as I probably should. You will find that containers are made from steel in Rochelle.

  4. bitseek

    Map crashes a lot on loading. Sometimes works totally fine but most times requires restart after a crash.

  5. slider38

    Hello Zsolti. This is a SAM (Stand Alone Map). Go to the forum. In the “Maps in Development” section you will find the instructions for installing a SAM map as the 5th topic listed. Basically, you may not have anything else in your Custom Assets or Usermap folders. Unzip the map’s files into a clean Usermaps folder and you’re good to go. If you follow the instructions in the listing stated above, you should have no problems.

  6. RolandBP

    Hi Slider, I have only just started using these very interesting Maps and have downloaded 9 of them. Unfortunately I can only get 2 of them to load, the game crashes with the other 7 (including this one). I have a 64bit Windows 7 system with a 4 core Intel processor and a stand alone AMD video card. Any ideas why so many maps crash?

  7. J484fan

    I just DL this after DL the 3G aid and so far I really like it. Looking up some CB&Q system maps though so I can try to do a more realistic track setup. Not easy so far with the spread on towns and industries, but very cool, great work!

  8. J484fan

    Hmmm, now all the sudden it keeps crashing on me. Get as far as selecting map then hit go, less than a min and bang

  9. slider38

    Sorry you are having trouble guys. All I can tell you is that it is a stand alone map. You may not have anything else in your usermaps folder or your customassets folder. Please make sure that these are empty of everything but the maps files which should be placed in the usermaps folder. It has run for enough people that I am very sure that it is not a map error causing the difficulty.

  10. bitseek

    We NEED more maps like this!! Come on Slider38, build another beautiful one!!!!

  11. slider38

    I appreciate your kind comment. I am currently working on a new map, making new industries, traincars and engines. Unfortunately it just takes me quite a while to get one put together, but I am working on it. I initially thought this one would go quicker, but it all just takes time.

  12. Taggart Transportation

    Without a doubt, my favorite map of all! I usually play on the hardest settings, but I had to back off to Investor to beat this one the first time. I’m going to keep playing until I can beat it on Robber Baron. It’s wonderfully intricate, requiring you to plan well in advance. Thank you so much!

  13. LonaDelery

    I have the 3GB enabler, and every other map on this site works except this one… πŸ™ It looks so good though!

  14. LonaDelery

    I can get as far as ‘Building up Steam’ on the loading screen then BOOM runtime error

  15. slider38

    I wish I could help, but I still run Windows XP and have no experience with the enabler. You might post something on the chat forum. Perhaps someone else knows more about using the enabler. It’s odd that only this map would give you trouble. It is a SAM (Stand Alone Map). You cannot have anything else in your usermaps or custom assets folders. Other than that, I really don’t know what might be the problem. It has been pretty thoroughly tested. I wish I had another suggestion for you. Sorry.

  16. coachb

    I tried this map this evening and unfortunately could not get it to go. Crapped out at “Building Steam”. Tried it with and without the Enabler. Running Win 7 x64 with 16GB of RAM and a 2GB video card.

  17. slider38

    I’m sorry that it did not work for you. If your usermaps and custom assets folders are empty except for the files from this map, I really don’t know what to suggest. I have no way of testing the map with Win7. I did test with winXP and Win8 and it ran without a problem. Normally, if you get a crash at Building up Steam, there is a file missing, but I know other things can cause that as well. You might just take a look and be sure that all sections of the map were downloaded and opened in your usermaps folder.

  18. slider38

    That’s great. I’m glad you were able to get it running. I hope you will enjoy the map.

  19. coachb

    You need to open every xml file in the map folder and just save it, no renaming or editing, just save it. It gives it a date newer than the install of Railroads, which apparently makes a difference to the program.

  20. gameplay

    The best, it doesn’t crash to desktop and my pc using win 8.1 64bit.
    Thanks Slider38. I will try all of your maps.

  21. Scott

    This map is impossible to me. First try starting in Endeavor, need sand to make glass, so i have to sell all my stock basically to get to Fon Du Lac for the sand that is there. There are no passengers to move so there is no way to make starting money.

  22. slider38

    You must be taking the scenic route. I had not tried this map in a long time and just ran a track from Endeavor, through Fond-du-Lac to the sand company. I did have to sell one share of stock, but with Fond-du-Lac wanting glass, it makes a nice little run back and forth pretty quickly. Now I do all my testing at the Investor level. I have no doubt that it is more difficult at higher levels, but I figure that there are a lot of better players than me who will figure out a way. If you are having difficulty, try backing the difficulty setting back a bit until you get a feel for the map. It has been won in testing from all starting locations, though some are more difficult than others. Good Luck.

  23. Foxxy

    how do you make maps? There nothing with the game that can make maps. Unless there a like deluxe version of the game that have a map editor ?

  24. slider38

    Sorry ’bout that. Go to You may have to register to use the wiki. I’m not really sure. It is well worth your while if you are interested in Railroads. The forums contain a great number of BBs (Building Blocks) which can easily be used to add new industries, goods, engines etc. to maps you create. I think 2 or 3 posts are required after you register before you can download from the site.

  25. Foxxy

    Blank page again ! πŸ™

    maybe you can copy past what’s on the page here?

  26. Foxxy

    the problem is firefox. It wont display the page. I’m using chrome and its working.

    I’m waiting the approval from the site.

  27. foxxy

    I have follow the info of the .ini file and its not working for me.

    To enable the in-game Terrain Editor you must add a line to your Settings.ini file found in your user data folder which by default is C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads!. Open Settings.ini in your favorite text editor and add EditorEnabled = 1 on a new line in the [User Settings] section. More tidbits like this can be found in the The Game Interface section.

    And this:

    I still not have the editor in the menu. Can you send me your .ini so I can copy it and see if its working?

  28. slider38

    Foxxy, go to the forum and look under technical issues. I put some info there. This section is for comments on my map, not the place for this discussion.

  29. foxxy

    well I’m waiting for the registration to be approve so I can ask on the forum for help since none of what I read work.

  30. foxxy

    I manage to fix it by uninstalling the game and re installing it. i also found one scenario. But it seem that it need small adjustment.

    Its a Christmas scenario and the cities have no names.

  31. foxxy

    I don’t know if its a bug, but the cost of a bridge over rail cost is a lot.

    I try many time to go over my rail or competition rail and it would cost a lot, like 15,111,000$

  32. slider38

    This map was never intended to have crossover bridges. As noted in the comments above under the map image,
    “This map is about track control. There are no crossover bridges. You must guide your trains to their destination using switches as necessary.”

  33. bitseek

    slider38, please, please, please, make another map so that I can play SMR again! I miss playing this game and have played every single map on this site at least 10 times. Please make another map.

    I think there would be people that would donate money for you to continue making maps. I know I would throw a few dollars at you!

  34. slider38

    Bitseek, I am working on a new map – Minnesota Rails. I have a ways to go yet. It just takes me a long time to get one done. A lot of new industries, engines, traincars, etc. It just takes me a while to get this stuff built, but I am working on it.

  35. slider38

    Bitseek, you might want to try looking at Bobby’s site for maps. Go here and register. I think you need to make a few posts before you can download from the site. I think there are now over 140 maps which, as far as I know, have been tested. There are also a lot of Building Blocks (BBs) posted to help you build maps.

  36. slider38

    Thanks. I’ve been working on a new map for a couple of years now. The last engine gets done tonight. Tomorrow I start game-play testing. We’ll see how that goes.

  37. slider38

    Ok Guys. My new map – Minnesota Rail has been posted in the Maps in development forum and I need some additional testing. How about giving that a try. Thanks, Slider

  38. Mor

    Hi Slider38,
    I played the new Minnesota Rail map and it worked flawlessly for me.
    I first tried on Robber Baron but I couldn’t get enough money at the beginning so I tried again on Financier difficulty and I finished all 1st era goals 9 years before deadline and all goals 23 years before deadline. I will try to tackle it again on Tycoon.
    I think it is ready to be posted officially and not just on the forum.

    I tried to register to the forums and reply there but I never received the confirmation e-mail and there’s no option to re-send it. Can you help?


  39. slider38

    I wish I could help you Mor, but I cannot. Warll does not seem to check this site very often. I had to change my email address a while back and it took me a couple of weeks to get any response. As far as I know he is the only admin person. Hopefully he will check in again before too long. Sorry.

  40. MiladNC

    Mate these maps are great! Thank you! Hope you keep on the great work.
    I actually increase the turnpermonth because i care about playing mostly not doing the objectives, Im just wondering is 12 industries in the slots you click to build the limit? i mean there are more industries in the map but only 12 show up, or some industries are only accessible in the terrain and not constructible?

    Thanks mate, appreciate it

  41. slider38

    MiladNC, Glad you are enjoying the map. The industries you see which you can build are the in-city industries. You cannot build anything that is out-of-city like a cattle ranch or coal mine or that type of industry. If you have more than the 10 or 12 (I’ve forgotten the max at the moment) in-city industries that you can see in the purchase industry dialogue box, they just won’t show up. It’s just a limitation built into the game. If you have any more in-city industries, no one will be able to use them since they will not be available to click on. The just won’t be able to see them. Take care, and thanks for trying the map.

  42. MiladNC

    Thanks for the complete response! that’s exactly what i was looking for.
    Im really enjoying your maps! all of them. I hope i see more from you someday. It’s cool to see someone still cares πŸ˜‰

    Good Luck

  43. Don Ayres

    I love this map, but I am having some difficulties with it crashing on me. I read someplace on a few map discussions something about saving a file inside the main file to change the date on it? And that that usually helps fix the issue? The only thing I found issue with as far as the game goes, is I could not build a steel mill in East CHicago, being as Gary is not on the map, seemed the only place logical for there to be one. In fact just to check, I looked at a few other spots, and steel mill is not even a business ‘build’ option. Aside from that, love the layout, all the different locomotives with the different liveries and love the idea of the game tasks, though I do have to start over as first time around, I have failed as part of learning, how to better setup my layout next time around.

  44. slider38

    The game has an issue with dates sometimes. In this instance, the most likely cause of your crashes is the RRT_Goods.xml file. The file should be opened in whatever editor you have for xml files (I think even notepad might work) and simply re-save the file. This will update the date on the file. You should find the file under My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Railroads!/Usermaps/Lake_Michigan_West. Open the RRT_Goods.xml file and simply re-save it. As to the steelmill issue, there are too many in-city industries to be able to build one. While it is listed as an in-city industry in the RRT_Industries_Lake_Michigan_West.xml file, there is not enough space within the build box for the icon for the steelmill to show up. You will have to find a way to accomplish the tasks with the mills on the map. Sorry, but I’m still learning what this game can do and not do. Any more than 12 in-city industries and this problem arises. That said, I have played this map enough in testing to know that it can be won from all starting locations. Hopes this helps.

  45. Don Ayres

    Not sure why, but that didn’t get rid of the issue. It played fine for a while until I exited the game. Then when I went to load it back up, kept shutting down on me Windows 10 is my OS 64bit 500g HD, anything else you need to know?

  46. Don Ayres

    I think what the issue is, I played the Texas map for quite a while yesterday, seems the only ones that give me issue are the ones with player created locos and cars. That one didn’t mess up on me once.

  47. slider38

    Sorry you’re having trouble Don. Not sure what to tell you. I still use WindowsXP on my desktop, but I did test this map on my laptop which runs Windows 10. This map has been around quite a while now and has been run by a lot of folks. Trains and traincars are not the issue. It could be a memory issue. Are you running the Steam version by chance? That causes issues on some maps. Perhaps someone else might have a suggestion. I really don’t know what else to suggest.

  48. Don Ayres

    Yes, I am running the steam version, I thought I saw something about a possible fix for that too. But I’m not one of those computer gurus, so it would have to be something fairly simple if there is that option.

  49. slider38

    Simple fix for that – buy the game CD. I bought a back-up copy myself about a year ago. I think it cost me 5 bucks. Go check Amazon. Also, this map is a SAM (Stand Alone Map). Make sure there is nothing else in your Usermaps or Custom Assets folders. You cannot have any other files in those folders other than the Lake Michigan West files.

  50. railage

    Don, you might have memory issues. The game in the default form has memory issues. This is the same with CD or Steam versions. The difference is that the CD version is easier to fix. If you want to try with Steam, you will need to hunt through some of the Steam forums for instructions.

    When you get the CD version, I recommend downloading the patched executable from near the bottom of this page:'s_Railroads!. If you are on a 32-bit OS, I would also recommend going through the 3GB enabler process found on this site.

    The game is also available from GoG games. I haven’t tried it out to see if it suffers from the memory bug. If it does, the patched executable should work with it as well because this is an off-line version.

    PS. There is another SMR site: It has strict security provisions for viewing (browser must be up to date, some types still may not work, Firefox seems to work consistently). Also, sign-up needs more info than usual, and you must be an active member before you can download. However, there are a lot more resources for this game including new maps, engines, etc. and some additional patched executables that are slightly better than the one I linked to. If you are thinking about building maps in the future, the resources are invaluable.

  51. slider38

    One more thought for you Don. If you have not joined bobby’s site, you should. You can get help there for all sorts of issues. There is some activity on the site almost daily. I post my maps plus a number of other stuff I make. Go here and register. Post a question and you will get an answer. It is worth your time.

  52. Don Ayres

    I had just been on that site earlier that day loo. By the way, you got a pm from me on the forum’s under my nickname, J484fan the other day πŸ™‚

  53. Don Ayres

    Not sure what’s going on, but get this when trying to send you a pm on Bobby’s site.

    The requested users to be added do not exist.

  54. slider38

    I don’t know Don. It may be case sensitive. Should be slider38 in the box and then hit “add”. Give it a subject and type your message. Seems to work fine for others. All I can tell you.

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