The Gold King

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Download: The Gold King V2

This map is loosely constructed around the legend of the Lost Dutchman’s Mine. It runs from 1892 to 1930. Time has been slowed down. It is intended to be played against 3 AIs. It features some new engines, goods and industries. There are new city buildings including a Mercantile, Barbershop, Hotel, and others.

There is a listing of goods and industries if you wish to use it included within the zip.

18 thoughts on “The Gold King

  1. Guy

    Thank you to Slider38 and all those who have worked so hard and well for the fans of Sid Meier’s RR

  2. k-classd

    Thanks Slider38 nice map enjoyed it and I liked the layout lots of great track laying options.

  3. slider38

    Thanks for testing the map guys. Just started work on a new one. Another year and it will probably get done. :>)

  4. K-class

    I’m just amazed there is still life left in this game!!!! Thanks slider38. One of the few maps without issues on windows 8.1 64 might have to try a few other maps. Looking forward to you next map.

  5. slider38

    Sorry Bryabt. I know some folks with the Steam version have trouble with some maps. This map has had a good deal of testing at this point. It could be the OS you’re running. I still use XP but I have tested on Windows8 with know difficulty. If you are using the steam version I would see if you can’t get hold of the CD. They are cheap on Amazon. Otherwise, I don’t know what to tell you.

  6. bryant

    i can get it to work if i manually add it but doesn’t work with map shifter

  7. Marinjo

    This map really is amazing! First of all it works…very detailed, lots of goods to transport. Thanks for the hard work and keeping the game alive!!

  8. eXv1ru5

    mh this map also dont work with steam version 🙁 pls someone know how to solve this problem?

  9. vikram

    the map doesnt work for me.when I try to create a says 2 train stations needed.but train stations are already says files are missing from the map..waste of my hd space.thanks nvm

  10. slider38

    I’m sorry if you are having trouble with this map. Believe me. It does work. It is a SAM map and you cannot have any other files in your usermaps or Custom Assets folders. It doesn’t seem to like the Steam version of the game. Get the original CD. I know of a lot of maps that don’t like Steam. Again I’m sorry if you are having trouble. I have run the map with Windows XP and Windows 8. Other versions I cannot test. Perhaps someone else here might be able to help with other OSs. There are no missing files.

  11. Brian

    Hi Slider38

    Potentially great map, but it seems to have the effect of making the Mac version of SMR unstable. It played OK for a while but eventually the game started crashing. Then SMR started crashing on other maps as well, including the built-in ones. Once I’d deleted Gold Rush, it started working again.

    However, we SMR fans really appreciate the work you map makers put in to keep the game alive – thanks

  12. slider38

    Sorry you had trouble with this map. I’ve never owned a Mac, so I have no way of testing the issue. This is a SAM. Be sure that there are no other files in the usermaps folder or the custom assets folder. Beyond that advice, I really don’t know what to tell you. Thanks for giving it a try.

  13. Sven

    Hello Slider,
    I love your maps. They are awesome! I played Lake Michigan West excessively and now i am downloading this one. I love the big landscape with really long rails and to see the trains fly. I just play the game because my little son (1 3/4 years old) loves this game. He loves to pick an engine.
    Keep on mapping.

  14. slider38

    Thanks for the kind remarks. You might want to look at the SYPOR map. I made it to get my grandson involved. It features some engines and industries that kids should enjoy.

  15. RRman

    Hi Peter, I would try to help. But first I need help understanding what your problem is. What’s wrong?

  16. luke

    Another really challenging map Slider. Managed it on fourth or fifth attempt but really hard!

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