Peace in the Golden Crescent

Peace in the Golden Crescent (PITGOC) features a complex and engaging scenario with an equally complex set of Goods.

After peace has been achieved in the Golden Crescent of the Middle East you will have the assignment to restore the area and bring prosperity.
You will have the task to stop the opium trade, the nuclear proliferation, establish new industries suitable to the area. And of course build up international trade.

6 thoughts on “Peace in the Golden Crescent

  1. Jimbobbedyjobob

    Absolute madness. I love it. But I still haven’t quite worked out how the Passengers-Workers-Produce thing works.
    Is it 4:2:1? Or is everything producing increadibly slowly? Or am I just a mong?

  2. Terry

    Really great scenario for Sid Meier’s Railroad game. Lots of interesting new freight and surprising economics. The idea of requiring the delivery of workers before production occurs on farms, etc is a nice addition. Unfortunately my computer crashes as soon as the “New Jersey” engine becomes available. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

  3. Terry

    P.S. Re the computer crash on Peace in the Golden Crescent, the crash occurs if I try to change the default New Jersey loco for the 2-8-2 Klasse. If I accept the New Jersey loco all is well. Once the BigBoy comes out in 1987, it works fine too, as long as I accept the default newest loco. I prefer the looks of the Klasse over the New Jersey, so I wish I could change the loco without the computer crashing.

  4. Amr


    Let me start by saying how much I enjoy this game. My three-year old son loves to watch, and I’ve reinstalled it for the third time thanks to his love of trains.

    I’m having trouble getting this and many other maps to work. So far, the maps I HAVE been able to play completely or get past the map loading screen are: Utah, Basin & Range, AZ Canyon, Europa2, Orient Express, SanFran.

    I’m not sure why these work and PITGOC doesn’t. I’ll cover the basics:
    -I have Win 7 64 bit.
    – I have run the 3g enabler, and have 4gb ram.
    – I have created a new railroads folder using the method described on this website.

    I unzip the archive into my UserMaps folder, and the game consistently crashes. I’m at a loss as to what I’m doing wrong. I’ve also tried unzipping to CustomAssets instead. That made no difference. Any help would be appreciated. I’d really like to play this map.

  5. joe soap

    have you tried making sure that the UserMaps folder is completely empty before unzipping the archive.

  6. Minotaur

    Nice map but too easy 😉 It is completable as Robber Baron at third era.

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