About SMR Map Shifter C

SMR Map Shifter C is a total redesign and rewrite in C++ of the original SMR Map Shifter program. I focused on usability and zero-configuration, i.e. the program should work perfectly for all users and be intuitive to use. To that end it features only one button and no need to configure defaults. It also handles some rudimentary house cleaning steps to eliminate incorrectly installed maps. For non-confusion’s sake this new version of SMR Map Shifter is version C named after the language it is written in C/C++, the old version is now retroactively SMR Map Shifter VB likewise named after programming language Visual Basic.


Press the single button, which will bring up a file selection dialog, select the map’s archive, now press Ok. The map will then be extracted and installed, you may now close SMR Map Shifter and run Sid Meier’s Railroads.
SMR Map Shifter’s Main window
SMR Map Shifter Main window
File Selection Dialog
Map archive Selection dialog Warnning: This program works by deleting the files that currently reside in Usermaps and CustomAssets, do not use if you are creating a map or have other customized files saved in Usermaps. For the majority of users this is not the case. Download: SMR Map Shifter C version 1  installer in zip archive