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Peace in the Golden Crescent

Peace in the Golden Crescent (PITGOC) features a complex and engaging scenario with an equally complex set of Goods.

After peace has been achieved in the Golden Crescent of the Middle East you will have the assignment to restore the area and bring prosperity.
You will have the task to stop the opium trade, the nuclear proliferation, establish new industries suitable to the area. And of course build up international trade.


Map Maker:
Download: India

Note: This map may take multiple tries to get started. Should it crash when you are trying to load it please try again. It runs crash free once loaded.

This is 15 X 15 SAM map of the modern India, starting with independence in 1947 and ending in 2010. I have slowed the action to 60 turns, and adjusted the engine maintenance cost accordingly.

Green Mars

Map Maker:
Download: Green Mars

The idea of the map came from Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy and it is one of the great science fiction books of our times. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_trilogy
Since NASA is planning for new Mars exploration it is still a very timely subject.
There are a lot of new industries. Solar energy, bio-fuels. No oil or coal or polluting industries. We have Mini-Black holes, bottled Sunshine to name a few.
Transportation is all electric.
The ground tolerance was adjusted, so there is no use for for the tunnels (they are expensive), there are no wood or trussed metal bridges.

Lost Cities

Map Maker:
Download: Lost Cities

Neil Armstrong spotted it from the moon, but the Government, NASA and the CIA keeps it Top-Top secret
Not even the president is given this information:
The light bends around it, so it can not be seen from an orbital sattelite, gravity and magnetic field is also bend around it so navigating ships and airplains can not approach it.
Our own Mr Magoo discovered it that a ship built entirely from non magnetic, organic materials is not influenced by these forces and was able with his pickaroons to land on this island and plunder its enormas wealth. He found all the lost cities of the legends to be true, Cibola, Tartessos, Lemuria, they are all there.
This is 12 X 12 map but only nine cities. It emphasizes track layout not unlike a model railroad would. Tunnels and steel bridges are very expensive (100X), so you should avoid them. There is plenty of room between cities, so with a little foresight you can have a neat layout.
There is only enough building spot left to build the scenario-required industries. The lumber industry is strictly for filling empty building spots. There is no profit from them.
You can make enough money from hauling mail.
The cities produce passengers for industry needs, _oil,_mining _ but will not accept passengers, so do not try to haul passengers from one city to the other. It will not pay.

France Alternative Universe

Map Maker:
Download: France Alternative Universe

As everybody knows, there are alternate Universes with alternate histories floating around. This world is but one of those.
I have just located one of those worlds and happy to show you a small part of that world that was revealed to me:
There has been a tremendous upheaval and explosion. All the volcanoes in Iceland and the Italian peninsula simultaneously blew up, fracturing and scattering the earth crust. Fortunately Paris has remained in the same spot, but parts of France were thrown all over the drained Atlantic and Mediterranean basins.
Your assignment is connect these cities and restore the French empire to its previous glory.
Unfortunately the British Islands completely disappeared.