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If you are interested in history here is a Wiki link
The map is a 15X15 SAM. 96 turns/month.
The names of the cities are from a contemporary Rand McNally map, many of them changed several times during the span of the past 100 years.
There are three Eras, with three different scenario goals. It will be necessary to rearrange the rail lines.
The third Era is: World War I. It is a rather Since the game has 3 different Eras, with different goals, I made separate independent scenarios from each Era: Increased the duration WWI to five years (I changed it from 4, poetic license!) so you have to be prepared for the switch. Be sure to have empty building slots to “build a War industry”.

26 thoughts on “Monarchy

  1. BogdyBBA

    Actually as a former resident of Austria-Hungary (here)*, I would just like to say that the empire ended ~50 km to the East of where this map ends. Anyway, nice job – I’d love to try it out.

    * that was before we merged with the rich and glorious and not at all corrupt Romania

  2. Jancsika

    I have also cut from Austria and Poland. One can not put a square peg into a round hole.
    Those were the good old times.;<()

  3. RailLover

    How do you connect Lemberg to the Russian Front? I tried extending a railway into past the green line.

  4. Jancsika

    Lemberg has to grow to be a Metropolis, then you will have an empty building slot and can buy yourself a “Russian Front”
    Same goes for the “Italian FRont”

  5. Stormer

    Tried your map and it crashes Railroads. Its my first try. I can get to your game from single player but it crashes when started can u help

  6. Stormer

    No i I tried a texas custom map and that worked NAFTa II works so I am unsure why this doeasn’t???

  7. Stormer01

    Well I will try again look like a real good map. I have tried about 8 maps so far

  8. Stormer01

    Nope didn’t work. I will go through the steps.
    Download the zip file
    Open the zip file and extract to user maps.
    the folder is empty before i extract the files there.

  9. Bus

    game crash and burns at loading, new Railroads folder in My Doc, 3GB enabled
    all other map works, why not this one?

  10. Bus


    Exact the folder -> put the Monarchy – Version 2_00 folder, along with ALL THE .tga and .FPK files in the usermaps folder.

    .zip -> Monarchy folder -> .FPK + .TGA + Monarchy – Version 2_00

    Put the last lot in your usermap folder, not the “Monarchy folder”

    if you only extracted and put the Monarchy folder in usermaps, you can see it in game but will crash

  11. Stormer01

    Bus when you extract the zip file it already does that for you. I wish I could do a screen shot the .fpk + .TGA files are in the right place. I will ask the same question have you got this map to work.


  12. jancsika

    This is for Stormer01, Bus and anybody else who is reading this note:

    We have Railroad forum, where all these questions are asked, discussed and answered in detail.

    The link is at the top of this page “Forums” just click on it.
    See you all there!!!

  13. Nick Cheras

    Hi, still cannot get it to work and cannot find anything in the forums about this particular map having problems.

    It looks like such a great map, but i cannot get it to work….

    please help..

  14. Karsten

    Nick, have you looked at the comments above about extracting the files?
    Does the map crash immediately on loading, or what is the problem exactly?

  15. Azerate

    There is some problem about producing meat. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but despite corn supply facilities near Przemysl and Praga will not produce meat. Another facility (somewhere near Sarajevo, I don’t rember the name) works OK.

  16. soley

    Unfortunately, I can not finish the second era, because in the city of Kalocsa has no label Trappist cheese and wine.

  17. Karsten

    Lemberg has no industry to receive Feta Cheese, only Trappist Cheese after the “Russian Front” is built.
    Feta Cheese goes to the “Capital City Distributors” Budapest and Vienna.

  18. Minotaur

    I built Italian Front in Trieste, but corresponding goal remains incomplete. What’s wrong?

  19. karsten

    This is what I posted in 2009, while testing this map: “The Italian front at Triest was OK, it got built and worked. However, it was not registered as a green tick mark, probably because the AI was too busy with other things at that moment.”
    I guess Jancsika never got around to fixing the problem. Shucks… 🙁

  20. masteryder

    GREAT map. I’ve got DAYS invested in it. One problem. Kolocza does not have Trappist cheese OR wine. Kreszthely DOES accross the street. Is this what was meant? After all the time invested I’d hate to have to start opver. AGAIN! 🙂 BTW, crashing problems , on my part, were solved by running IOBit Game Booster. It’s a FREE program until the end of June. If you don’t have it by then, you will have to PAY for it…

    Thanks for all the great maps…

  21. Brian Preece

    In answer to a couple of the later correspondants, you have to change Kolocza to Kreszthely to achieve those goals. I think this is just a mistake, because although you can grow Kolocza, that only allows one industry to be added, not two. However, you have to change the goals by editing the XML file before you start – I didn’t realise that and had to start again, as the goals then seemed to be baked into the save file. The file to edit is RRT_Scenario_User_Monarchy_Complete.xml in the UserMaps folder. Maybe someone more expert can tell us how to change the goals after the game has started. I also had the bug about Trieste and the Italian front

    Despite these little glitches, a great game full of Janksika’s characteristic long supply lines that take a bit of thought to get working.

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