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This is the Fourth Age of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.
You will note that the Hobbit and all the other small folks are rather peace-loving people, who are fond of two things: beer and gold.
The terrain is wild, there have been several catastrophic upheavals in the past, but the industrious people of the land overcame it and built passes through the un-passable wilderness and are prospering.

The game is a single player 12 X 12 map. There are scenario goals, but making money is not one of them. (The rush to make money always interferes with the proper track building) I tried to make a map to emphasize the smart track layout. The tunnels are very expensive, but there are on-grade passes through the mountains to make the track laying a possible. It is like building a model railroad. The time allotted for the scenario 4 Eras should be more than enough.

17 thoughts on “Middle Earth

  1. RailLover

    I click on the link and got the famous 404 error. Where did the map go?

  2. Adanos

    There are little mistakes in task assignments in second era: Esgaroth instead of Esgarith in the first two and “…deliver food from (here it’s blank) to …” in the last one.

  3. Adanos

    One more thing, I’m not sure whether it should do what it does – Metropolises (ending stage of city evolution) grow to another higher stage. It says “Metropolis grows into a (blank)” and then large estate area shrinks into few small houses (excluding industry buildings).

  4. snoopy55

    Not sure if this is the problem, but it is an error. In RRT_Cities_MiddleEarth.xml, line 75, move right below . Be sure you are working with the lines that have the ‘/’, and that the is gone.

    Also, and correct me if I’m wrong Jancsika, change 0.000000 to 1.000000, and 0.000000 to 6.000000

    Just checked the copy from HG and it is the same.

  5. Jancsika

    Thanks Snoopy.
    Since this was so long time ago (2 years), I really don’t remember what my intentions were.
    Since it effects only the villages, I might wanted to exclude Beer and Machinery from the villages. It makes the game more difficult this way. Nobody complained that’s an impossible quest.
    Right now I would just delete lines 76 through 89 from the XML file.
    This is a type of error that Notpad++ (or any other editor) will not catch.

    As for the shrinking Metropolis; it might have been a one time computer glich.

  6. Dom11

    Excellent map. Very enjoyable.
    Metropolises do shrink upon level-up but that does not influence the gameplay.

  7. Jimbobbedyjobob

    Hey… Not sure what I am doing wrong, but this map doesn’t appear in my menus. Yes, it’s in teh User Maps folder, along with the 16,472.3 .FPK files.
    Is there anything in particular I should do with these puppies? Just slinging them in the User Maps folder workd for t’others.

  8. Brian Preece

    Looks like people haven’t been playing this map for a while, but I think it’s a great one. I particularly like the fact that tunnels are really expensive, but there’s lots of high mountains with deep ravines through them. This means you have to be more careful with routing, almost like a surveyor looking for the best route. So even when I had enough money to afford tunnels, I decided to do without them anyway and got a much more interesting layout, with long sinuous lines. The only thing I didn’t like was that there was only one source for nitrates and this had to be fed from sources which in themselves required nitrates. However, overall a very enjoyable map

  9. helidrive

    middleearth does not work on my pc.
    it terminates without comment to the desktop.
    i have a core i7-3930 cpu and work on windows 7 64bit.
    vga is a nvidia geforce gtx650 ti boost.
    middleearth is only one of any other maps they also dont work
    is there any solution

  10. Spre4der

    I have a bug. Always if I open the map in Sid Meiers, the game crashes. By the way, i am playing on a mac. Can anyone help me?

  11. snoopy55

    Try this – go into the map folder and open and save RRT_Depots.xml, RRT_Goods.xml, RRT_Tunnels.xml. This will reset the timestamp to the current date. The game uses the newest file and the Original files on the MAC version have newer datecodes, so it chooses them over the maps files.

  12. HerringTree

    This one is being stubborn for me. I’m on a mac, I have resaved all xml files due to the timestamp issue. I have deleted the Usermaps folder to allow the program to re-create it. I have successfully run the Japan and India maps that also had the timestamp issue, but this one crashes even at the lowest graphic options. If anyone has anything else I can try, please advise.

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