This is the Fourth Age of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. You will note that the Hobbit and all the other small folks are rather peace-loving people, who are fond of two things: beer and gold. The terrain is wild, there have been several catastrophic upheavals in the past, but the industrious people of the land overcame it and built passes through the un-passable wilderness and are prospering. The game is a single player 12 X 12 map. There are scenario goals, but making money is not one of them. (The rush to make money always interferes with the proper track building) I tried to make a map to emphasize the smart track layout. The tunnels are very expensive, but there are on-grade passes through the mountains to make the track laying a possible. It is like building a model railroad. The time allotted for the scenario 4 Eras should be more than enough.