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You have the assignment from the United Nation High Commissioner to bring relief to this impoverished nation.
You are given 6 years to alleviate hunger, after that 3 years to restore industry, an finally two more years to bring in the tourist industry.
If you succeed your rewards will be great, but if you don’t; you will be fed to the lions….
To start with you are given a run down rail system, where you can buy a train for $1,000 or for $1,400, but the maintenance is $10,000 and $20,000. After the initial high cost you will have new engines with normal maintenance cost.

This is a 15 X 15 SAM map.
The scenario is performance oriented. The goals are to move a certain amount of goods from industry to consumers.
The duration of the scenario is 11 years, but there are 256 turns per month. The engine maintenance cost has been adjusted to reflect this. (Except the first few years)

4 thoughts on “Zimbabwe

  1. Warll

    A ‘turn” is a how the game measures time. It is a unit of time as far as the game is concerned.

  2. Bill

    Great game. However, there are missing files for some of the industries.
    Made it all the way to the end.

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