West Sumatera

Map Maker:
Download: West Sumatera SAM

There are a lot of new industries and other neat details, that are Not in the original game.
New mines, oil rigs, container port, offshore oil platform, shrimp processing, palm trees, dams on the rivers, cotton fields, fruit orchards.

24 thoughts on “West Sumatera

  1. Fox

    Ok well
    i have this map but i have NO CLUE on where to put the files theres no readme in that document or any instructions so could you plz explain to me where to put these files

  2. Fox

    ya i kinda get a runtime error when starting the map up…
    adn the second link is a error 404…
    but i get the part about putting the folder ws_sam into the custom map folder but what about the other folders like ws_trains ws_traincars the scenario file interface and industries? like i have instaled other maps before its just ive never seen like 6 folders in the same file…with no readme… do u know where to put em?

  3. Warll Post author

    Ooops, thanks for mentioning that.

    All of the map’s files should go into “usermaps” once unzipped. Now runtime error eh? Well that comes up when a resource is missing or not where the game expects it. My guess is that you put the custom map files in the correct place. Does the error ocure when you try and start the custom map you installed? Do you have any other custom maps installed?

  4. Fox

    alright i have tried it with all of the custom maps installed then i moved them to another document (some temp file) both failed…

    the error happens when im launching the map (i think its when the loading deal says “building up steam”)

    i did put all of the files in usermaps. The FOLDERS not the files themselfs.

    o and im runing VISTA so that might be the problem.
    and i GET random runtime errors all overthe place when im playting the game. and i have SMRI installed so yeah that might be it as well

  5. Warll Post author

    “and i have SMRI installed so yeah that might be it as well”
    Yup that will do it, follow this post for instructions on how to clean out that folder: http://www.smrsimple.com/2009/06/howto-empty-my-gamessid-meiers-railroads-before-adding-maps/

    If you still want to play SMRI then you will not be able to use SAM mades while it is installed. As such you can wait to play SAM maps until after you have played through all of SMRI by removing the SAM files/folders you had added to usermaps.

  6. Fox

    Yeah still dosent work…
    yet other “SAMS” do work. i think its just because this map is packed diffrently :S
    so how exactly did u install it becuase i tried the map shifter tool and it didint do it properly…

  7. Warll Post author

    Well if you are sure that this is the only SAM you have installed then I really can’t think of anything. I will try and find time to test this map myself to make sure it works, it should though.

  8. Jancsika

    Just delete the whole C:\Users\…..\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads! Folder (I mean completely), Start a game, it will create a new folder of the same name.
    Unzip the map in the UserMaps folder.
    You want to save your old Settings.ini

  9. sebastian

    hello.anyone still playng ? I have trouble downloading the borneo map.After i put all the files in to the usermaps what i need to do ?

  10. railage

    Just to be clear for the future, the Borneo map is on a different page but the comments section is locked. That map doesn’t work for me either.

    The people still involved with the game tend to be more over on “vzbob’s Forum”. You will find the link at the bottom of this page under Related Websites.

    The only drawback are the security measures regarding setting up an account which is needed for downloads, but the latest version of all the maps are over there and there are many new ones, 180 or so currently. There’s a fixed version of Borneo which I have played successfully.

  11. sebastian

    But i can t enter that site it says i am not safe please help again

  12. railage

    Sorry, I can’t help you get on the other site. As I said, security is tight. It may be that your IP is somehow suspected of being involved with malicious activity.

    These sort of measures may seem unfair, but at the end the site is maintained by an individual with their personal resources and they simple can’t deal with problems that hacking etc. would cause.

    This site has a forum that doesn’t have as much security. You might try to sign up there. This may take awhile to be approved since the admin doesn’t have much time. I have the same name there. PM me and I will help you get hold of a working copy of the Borneo map. Also if you sign up, I can more easily help you with any crashes or other problems you have.

    BTW, the forum on this site has an unfinished map section. You will even find some extra “finished” maps there. Perhaps something will trigger your interest.

  13. railage

    The second one I mentioned is on this site, smrsimple. Go to the top of this page and look for the section, Forum, in the header.

  14. sebastian

    after my account is created(i mean after they accept) what i need to do ?

  15. railage

    Find my profile, railage, on there and send me a private message. It may take awhile for your account to be accepted so be patient. As I said there are at least a couple new maps that aren’t currently in the database that you can download and play in the meantime.

  16. railage

    Sebastian, I really can’t say when admin will approve your account. I decided to just upload the best version of the Borneo map.

    To find it go onto the forum on this site, and look in the section Maps in Development. There are a couple “Borneo” threads, it’s the one called “Borneo Island SAM_CIC.”

  17. Daniel

    Hey sebastian, I have activated your account.

    Sorry the process is only documented in the one sticky post. The webserver cannot send email so I rely on people emailing me to know to activate their accounts.

  18. Scott

    Hey Rodea, your Borneo Map doesn’t have comments. Where do you put the files to make it work….I can’t get it to work always crashes at building up steam

    Scott in Philippines

  19. Scott

    one last thing guys, vzbob’s website…I try to register and it tells me I have to email the admin to activate the account….Can someone tell me how to email the admin?

    Scott in Philippines

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