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A few months back hooked railroad’s wiki was broken due to a change in the site’s core. They decided not fix it and instead put out the call to find another host. After a bit of waiting it is now safely hosted here on Sid Meier’s Railroads Simple. It has not been updated for ages and, well theres nothing wrong with that. I will be locking it to preserve it from vandals so it should be here for ages and hopefully generations to come. Check it out if you would like, it also contains some non-Sid Meier’s Railroads pages from Hooked Gamer’s other wikis, I’ll leave those for anyone curious.

2 thoughts on “Wiki up

  1. jancsika

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    I live in the USA, so I am normally getting the usual North American ads, but I’ve also noticed when I’ve spent a time in Hungarian forums using Hungarian language, I was getting some Hungarian language ads.
    Somebody was complaining that your ads were in Chinese. So, I assume that Oceania and the Pacific basin comes under heavy Chinese use, therefore Chinese (Japanese) ads will be shown for users in that area.

  2. Warll

    Google picks which ads to show by looking at the page you are viewing and matching ads with keywords. If you are seeing Chinese targeted ads it is either because A. The site has chinese text or B. You somehow have trained Google to show you Chinese ads.

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