2 thoughts on “Wisconsin

  1. Shawn Longley

    Fond du Lac is spelled wrong.

    Should be Lac not Loc.

    Ashland not in the right location. Why no Madison or Milwaukee?

  2. snoopy55

    If you do a web search for Fond du Loc you will be refered to Fond du Lac. If you click of the Fond du Loc spelling, you do get listings, like “UNIVERSITY OF WISC FON DU LOC, 400 UNIVERSITY DR, FOND DU LAC”. It was just what I found at the time.

    Ashland is not that far out of place, just a bit to far west around the bay. Hey, this was my first map. It is not easy to get everything in the right place when making these things.

    As to Madison and Milwaukee, this is a 10 x 10 map, you only get so much space to work with. If I had gone bigger I would have had the lake and more Michigan, or more Minnisota and Iowa.

    Look to several other maps, it gets worse.

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