Southern Ontario

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This scenario covers the Southern Ontario, an area stretching from Windsor in the most Southwest to Kingston in the Northeast, Beth NY in the Southeast and North Bay in the Northwest. It covers the time period 1800 – 1970, which spans the humble beginnings of the American steam trains through the modern era of diesels. It is recommended for advanced players level.

3 thoughts on “Southern Ontario

  1. d53642

    Does this map work for other people, my SMR crashes on loading it everytime.

  2. snoopy55

    Works fine for me. Could be because it is a version containing a FPK for the warehouse. The maps here have not been updated since that problem started showing up for some people.

  3. Warll

    @snoopy: I PM’d bobby about downloading maps on bkbobby, he said he’ll look into getting my accounts permissions fixed.

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