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This scenario covers the hilly northern region of England, extending North from the cities of Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield, to include part of the Lake District in the North West, and the sparsely populated Yorkshire Dales. The seaside towns of Southport and Blackpool, and the Morecambe Bay area lie on the West coast.

5 thoughts on “UK Pennies

  1. Jancsika

    Pennines (pÄ•n`Ä«nz) or Pennine Chain, mountain range, sometimes called the “backbone of England,” extending c.160 mi (260 km) from the Cheviot Hills on the Scottish border to the Peak District in Derbyshire. The range consists of a series of upland blocks, separated by transverse valleys (Tees, Aire, Wensleydale, and Wharfdale). There are caverns, and several chasms are more than 300 ft (91 m) in depth. Cross Fell (2,930 ft/893 m) is the highest peak. The range is sparsely populated. Sheep raising, quarrying, and tourism are important economic activities. Reservoirs in the Pennines store water for the cities of N England.

  2. wilbz

    Wow! Just played this map and I love it!! It must have taken you ages to make (recently tried making one similar got as far as the [rubbish in comparison] coastline and Pennines and then got bored and subsequently found this map) and the attention to detail is spectacular. I’m from Southport and so particularly enjoyed collecting the subsidy for delivering fish, buying the cannery and making a mint selling shrimp to the pieheads (those Wiganites always did love their shrimp hehe)> Thanks again for making this map Mike Kennely you’re a genius!!! x

  3. Brian Preece

    Great map. Like wilbz, I enjoyed playing it because it’s my local area. My only criticism is that it seems a bit cramped at the bottom and right, where there’s lots of resources and important towns. It would be great to lose some of the towns along the top and left to give more space here. Also cornmeal and grain were listed as resources but there weren’t any. Also, it would have been nice to be able to buils a hat factory in Stockport! However, these are small points on a great map that must have taken a lot of work. Well done Mike!

  4. RolandBP

    This was my first User made Map and I am impressed. Now looking for more UK maps. Roland.

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