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The Transiberian Railway.
The construction of the famous Transiberian Railroad begins crosses all of Russia, from Moscow to Vladivostok, as well as the Transmanchurian and Transmongolien that connected Beijing to Moscow.

22 thoughts on “Rusia

  1. Dom11

    Great map. Relatively difficult but not frustrating.

    I’ve finished it with 14 years remaining on financier but it was very tense. Money is easy and the trains get faster but the requirements are huge. You better keep your eye on the tasks and start them ASAP. Lots of fun.

  2. Jimbobbedyjobob

    Sweet Judas I LOVE this site… never seen it before today. HURRAH for trains… HURRAH for geeks!

  3. Valter

    Really interesting map. Finished the first era in Robber Baron in my 3rd try, with literally no time remaining, the last passengers arriving just in time to Vladivostok and me having to sell some tracks to build the last terminal in Moscow. About to attempt the second phase, the obvious challenge being bringing enough oil and wood to Vladivostok.

  4. Karsten

    Rusia is the Spanish spelling of Russia (and in a couple of other languages too). Just goes to show how international we are 🙂

  5. Евгений

    У меня эта карта не работает что делать

  6. sennaspirit

    Such a fun map, great work.

    However, I can’t seem to grow Vladivostok to where it needs oil, nor is there any industry that requires oil. Am I missing something?

  7. TMiller

    sennaspirit, Its has been a while since I played this map, but I took a look at the xml files. The only demand for oil that I found is the refinery in Moscow. There are 6 city sizes, but none of them demand oil. You should be able to build/buy your own refinery in any city with an “empty lot”. Click on a city, then click on “empty lot” if one is available and see if the window that pops up shows that you can build a refinery demanding oil. The cost will probably be $500,000. As cities grow more empty lots become available. The game has 2 cities with PowerPlants which normally demand oil, but the author of this map changed that so they only demand coal. Good Luck!

  8. Евгений

    Why do I have this card does not work ? What to do

  9. Евгений

    Guys help me create a map and how to do it ?

  10. Евгений

    не работает

  11. Conductor Bones

    WOW, WOW, WOW…. It was a great map…. Very challenging. You need to pay careful attention ALL the time. Well Done. Fantastic. Took me 5 attempts to crack it. Thank You.

  12. Евгений

    верните пожалуйста карту

  13. Tangook

    Very challenging map, demand very careful track laying. I yet to finish it but got a few question.
    1. There’re demand for beer but no factory exist. Does that mean to create one?
    2. No city need gold??? Just create gold from ore and no where to send it.

  14. Tangook

    Just Finished the map, fail in 2 thing
    1. 200 Steel to Vladivostok
    2. 200 Arm to Vladivostok
    These 2 share the same resource (produce from coal)

  15. Magemann

    After I read your condition to win this map, my head was spun up. Your condition was something that I hadn’t played before. It was so crazy, but it so great and I was fun with it. Thank you

  16. railage

    Weirdly, the game sometimes picks different industries for the build list. Don’t know why. Install type? Version? etc..? I can build the Refinery on this map.

    To fix yours, you will need to edit the map XML file called: RRT_Industries_Rusia.

    Each industry will have a section of code.
    To remove an industry from your build list, add the line:
    just below the name of that industry.

    If it’s any help, these are the ones missing from my build list by default:
    Automobile Factory
    Food Plant
    Textile Mill

  17. railage

    The line is:

    to be used without the quotation marks.

    Without them, the line shows up as just: 0.

  18. railage

    Sorry, the code isn’t showing up here. Have a look at the Power Plant in the file. Copy the line of code that contains bInCity, but use 0 instead of 1. Hopefully you can make it work.

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