4 thoughts on “Valencia

  1. skeeter

    did this scenario ever get fixed? Last I played this one it was impossible to meet all the goals because it wanted beer delivered and yet provided no brewery industry. If not maybe someday someone could change it. I edited my copy to have a brewery instead of the food plant and then bad things started to happen, not sure what finess I lacked in doing this that messed me up.

  2. snoopy55

    There are 16 industries that can be built in a city. The game only displays 12. If you restart enough times you can get it. You can also replace the Brewery section with this:



    and you’ll have one.

  3. Quitus

    Nice map and nice challenge!! 🙂

    Can be done still without any brewery.

    I did it starting from Lliria at level Tycoon vs 3 ia. Finished all goals 2 years before end line.

    Congrats Vicente!!

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