9 thoughts on “UK Large MP

  1. Jon Smith

    Can you either post the scenario file or extend the game scenario to 2 sessions of 75 years apiece? The 20 years included are not long enough and I would like to have more industries to compensate for the expensive engines.

    I like the map.

  2. jancsika

    Add this line to the RRT_Scenario_Users_MAPNAME.xml file
    The default game speed is 16 turns/month. Larger number slow the game.

  3. jancsika

    Correction to my post above;
    The added line should be
    You can change the number to anything, within reason

  4. jancsika

    This line quotation does not work. Appearently the () disagrees with this setup.

  5. McBarnacle

    This scenario CTDs for me. It’s the only one here that does that as I have both the XP SP3 compatibility mode and 3GB enabler sorted.

  6. McBarnacle

    I don’t know if it makes any difference to why this crashes but I see no objectives listed when you start this scenario apart from be the last railroad standing despite there being objectives listed in the main scenario file included with this map.

  7. McBarnacle

    OK, got the map working, Yay!

    Noticed some real oddities though.

    Cheltenham is in the wrong place. Resources aren’t that well distributed. Lancashire has none, Wales only has 3 coal mines, Kent has 1 fishery and the south and south west has no resources that I can see apart from a farm outside Salisbury, whereas Anglia has abundant resources. The same goes for the East Midlands. Shame as the map is well detailed and a nice size.

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