6 thoughts on “Green Energy 2.0

  1. Alan Bagnall


    This game does not seem to open has any one else had the same problem with this game? I have been able to open other scenarios OK.


  2. Minotaur

    I also have a problem with this map. Game crashes every time I try it.
    Most of other scenarios works properly.

  3. karsten

    GREEN ENERGY V2.0 is probably one of Jancsika’s earliest maps. All he said was:
    “Small map few goods..10X10 fixed Goods Locations. No more ditry smoking locomotives, no more stinky diesels. We are using pure electrical power generated by the sun that never sets and the winds that always blows There is nothing original in this scenario. The map and the Train_Cars and the Era discriptions were stolen from Chobacca’s scenarios.”

  4. Henry Martinez

    I’ve sorted out the problem with this map’s crashes. Someone said that Jancsika’d said about this map using the same train cars as Chobacca’s Basin and Range, so I went and installed Chobacca’s map (it’s a Setup) than unpacked this map in UserMaps. From never being able to play it to finally seeing its full glory :). I think the mods should add to the description that you apparently need Basin and Range for this map to work. Awesome map btw.

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