If you have viewed a few screenshots for Sid Meier’s Railroads you might have noticed that many of them were taken from views which are normally “impossible” with the in game camera. These images were taken using the special free flying camera mode which was added in the second patch. To get into this camera mode you must have the 1.01 or preferably the 1.10 patch installed. Then while in game you must pause, then press Ctrl+F. With that you can fly around defying gravity. You can even move the pause window to the very side of the screen for when you want to take a screenshot, just click and hold on to window’s top bar and drag. Go ahead and check it out, just make sure your current game has been recently saved, this feature adds a lot more for your computer to render. Pressing shift while moving will speed you up considerably. Anecdote; the developers choose to limit the use of the free fly camera to paused game due to the increased system load.  A sad note for those of us in the future since this severely limits the options available for creating movies. train in grain