Break for finals.


Over the past few days I have forced myself away from SMRSimple besause my fianls are coming up very soon. This is still in affect so there should be no updates untill after the 25th.

6 thoughts on “Break for finals.

  1. J.W.

    Just wanted to let you know, great work on this. I am very new to the game and am happy to find out that someone is taking the time to compile all of the custom maps. I am willing to help, however I don’t think I could be of any use.

    Good luck.

  2. Warll Post author

    Well it is more then enough just to hear that there are new players. For a little while there I was worried that this was a dead and gone community, thank you for commenting.

    /I should get back to writing that social final.

  3. Severian

    Along with JW, wanted to thank you for putting this site together.

    I’m also hoping that you’re “screening” some of the custom maps out there and trying to only put the quality ones up here. Some of them look great!

    Keep up the good work! Hope you did well on your finals.

  4. Warll

    Well actually I did do some screening. I think I left out four or maybe five maps, its not that they were bad maps. The maps I left out were all with the exception of one were just edits of stock maps, the only one that was not was a map of the maritimes by Dwax that was made a few days after Sid Meier’s Railroads came out. I am not going to mark which maps I think are AAA since every mapper has put quite a bit of work into each one but I will say that in general the more detailed the thumbnail the better the map.

  5. Deepak

    great job warll………….

    i just started playing railroads and i find it great site

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