2 thoughts on “Europa

  1. Stormer01

    Liked this map was a little easy but good to play nonetheless. I liked the early engines. The maps itself is great i had to think of grades. Making cites with on top of a slight hills was good. I liked the more expensive upgrades for station and terminal good that made it a little harder.

    I would like to suggest a few improvements:

    1. Make smaller towns
    2. More resources but start of with 4
    3. More challenging goals some maps have had resources at the extremities which could make this harder say deliver 1oo food in 10 years or 100 coal things like that.
    4. If you made laying the rails more expensive it would add another challenge.

    Don’t get me wrong still like the map maybe i will try at harder levels.

  2. Dom11

    Very nice map. Excellent choice for those who prefer less challenge.

    Very easy to make money. Only few villages and even they can accept food & clothes. That, coupled with fast trains that get even faster as the time progresses, will get you rich in no time.

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