Europa2 Deluxe Special Version

All in all its a fusion of the scenarios UK, France, Germany. You will have enemies from that scenarios and the trains from the 3 scenarios too. The main point was to create a simple map that contains many cities and many landscape aspects like hills, flatland, mountains, islands.

19 thoughts on “Europa2 Deluxe Special Version

  1. Stormer01

    Same Europe map a little better but challenge s good be updated still a good map though

  2. Ricardo Kutz

    When playing this map, I get to a point shortly after starting a new game, where I can’t build anything new, rail or buildings. I also can’t buy industry or build in the empty slots in developing cities… Rail shows red while trying to lay, and I can’t even make switches or sidings! Any ideas?

  3. Stormer01

    I had this problem before when i didn’t do the 3gig enable correctly. Make sure you have the latest patch then enable it and change the command line. Follow the instructions from this website. Hope this helps.


  4. philip

    The cities may or may not have any industries but they don’t have any demands and don’t deliver anything. When I click on a city, the map doesn’t tell me where I can find the resources demanded. When I connect a resource with a city I still can’t get the wagons on the train. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Stormer01

    your patch updates are messed up and you sound like you haven’t enabled the larger memory. Thats where I would start are you on 1.1

  6. Peets_Rikeets

    I’m having a similar problem to philip.
    When I open the map and move the cursor over the cities it has supply, under it a number between 1 1 and 40 (highest I’ve seen) and under that it says demand. Can just connect cities and build stations but can’t connect any wagons to trains. Did a fresh install, upgraded to 1.1, did the 3g enabler thing and even deleted the folder in my games and reran the game to make sure it was empty.

  7. Aglarang

    I am having the same issues. And this is with a correct install witht he 1.10 patch and the 3g enabler as well. I have even tried the fpk file in the usermaps folder as well as in the customassets folder with no difference in the result.

    I am running on Win7 64bit if that makes a difference.

  8. Gunther


    I installed this map, also installed the 3Gb patch.
    I can start the game, but all the little icons in the cities are gone.

    What I mean: you see in every city the demands for that city. You see for example the passenger icon, the mail icon, …. I can’t see those.

    Any help plz?
    Furthermore, what a great map 🙂


  9. Pompey

    I had same problem Gunther. If u look in your usermaps. u will notice that there is an RRT GOODS.XML and a MASTER RRT GOODS.XML. just delete the RRT GOODS.XML and it should be ok from then on.. mine was

  10. Andy

    I also have same problems. I have correct patch and 3cg enabled . All other maps are working fine but can only biold track and stations on this one. Cannot see suplies and cannot add any carriages wagons as nothing showing. I also tried deleting the RRT GOODS.XML and starting a fresh but same thing still happens. Please does any one know how to get this map to work as is really good one. I like to build tabletrain maps and had built a really great rail map of Europe, took two weeks) only to get to the end and not be able to add any trains ! I have windows 7 64bit and other sams are working fine. Also does any one know if the original Snow santa mos is being realsesd on a sam so we can add this back . Hope somone can help. Thanks Andy

  11. Irfan

    Why does it keep crashing after a few minutes of gameplay? I’m playing using the special version though.

  12. RRman

    Irfan, you could try the patch available from PC Gaming Wiki. Go to the page for SMR then under the last section on the page “Low memory crash” there is a link for a patched executable. Game is running really well for me with this patch. Scrolling and long-track laying are no problem. Still possible to get crashes from the teleport bug and a couple others to do with clicking illegally such as on buy/sell stocks when in track-laying mode. But these things can be easily avoided. I’m also using the 3GB Enabler.

    Haven’t played this map before. Loaded it up and played for 10mins or so without issue. Looks like a good one to play with AI.

  13. Irfan

    RRman, Sorry, I forgot to mention that I’m using a MacBook Pro to play this game! I don’t have lots of problems when using other maps but for this one it just crashes, the longest time I’ve ever played this map was 30 minutes without 3 Als. You know how to fix this on a mac?

  14. RRman

    Ok. I don’t know anything about the Mac version. There is a small section for the Mac version on vzbob’s Forum. (Find the link among the Related Websites at the very bottom of this page.) You might find something to try and more info there. You need one of the popular browsers that is fully up-to-date to access his site, and will need to join up if you want to post or to download files. Good luck.

  15. Martin Ulke

    guten tag die map funkrioniert nicht ich hab sie mir runter geladen und dann eingefügt und bei laden der map bleibt das programm hängen.

    Good day the map perform not I have loaded me down and then inserted and when loading the map hangs the program

  16. Wolfram

    thx. for this interesting map. I’ll play it with Steam on Windows 10 w/out problems (not in Fullscreen Mode and patched). No problems with this map. The challenge is to deal with the rare resources. But it is nice to build tracks to all main european cities!

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