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It is 1835, and Germany consists of the kingdom of Prussia, as well as almost 40 other sovereign states. The next quarter of a decade will see the unification of these diverse regions under the banner of an empire, but such unification will be impossible without the rapid industrialization and improved economic markets brought about by an efficient network of rail.

The year is 1871, and by blood and iron, the German Empire has become a reality. Although the young nation boasts a healthy economy, it faces increased economic competition from France and Britain. Yet Germany boasts vast reserves of both coal and iron, and the growth of a mighty steel industry is destined to forever assure Germany’s position among the european powers.

The year is 1901 and Germany has become the dominant economic power of continental Europe. And although Germany has carved out a place for itself on the world economic market, troubled times lay ahead as the world superpowers race to colonize the third world. Germany has become entrenched in an arms race with her neighbors. The Russians and French, ever distrustful, are poise ready to strike, while the mighty British Royal Navy poses a severe threat to Germany’s trade routes and overseas interests. Thus, it is imperative that Germany embrace her Prussian military tradition and prepare for the times to come.

➡ This map covers central Europe, from Amsterdam in the northwest to Bucharest in the southeast. The map follows the industrialization of Germany in the years building up to the first world war. This is a relatively easy map, suitable for players of all skill levels.

8 thoughts on “German Empire

  1. Ricardo Kutz

    Running 3G enabled 1.10 version – This map CTD’s everytime!

    Fix needed please stormfather…


  2. wingsofphoenix

    The FPK file is missing the machine_car’s, and Mange’s Tender Mod needs to be installed. Thats why it crashs.

  3. karsten

    As Stormfather says, an easy map, but only at the lower difficulty levels. I have posted a few tips for Robber Barons in the development thread.

  4. Ian

    Cannot get the Strasbourg to Bucharest goal to update during the scenatio, otherwise a great map!

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