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  1. Desmond Cassidy

    Grand little scenario that moves along with pace…

    There is however a bug in one of the XML files…whenever you try and create an Annex at a Lumbermill..

    Solution: Modify the file RRT_Depots_America_s02.xml
    Amend the xml text at the bottom of the file….as so…i.e Add in the LumberMill Annex

    Swine Farm Annex

    Lumber Mill Annex

  2. Warll Post author

    Alright, I’ve fixed the mentioned xml. All should be good now. Thank you for reporting it.

  3. Donald Sullivan

    The map loads OK, But when I save the game, then reload the save, the game crashs to desktop.

  4. Donald Sullivan

    I have 4GB of DDR2 , Where do I find the 3gb enabler?? And my video card has 256 GB of Ram.

  5. Donald Sullivan

    I got the map to run, That is a lot of passengers to meet by deadline. I don’t see any Nitrates, Livestock or Swine on map, as I played pass deadline, turn some of the passengers trains into Freight Trains. As Freight Trains make a lot more Money, As I like buying Industrys.

  6. Jon Smith

    Any ideas why this map will crash about 1895 and not go past then? I have the Vista fix from this site enabled and other maps work fine – the other America map works ok.

  7. keato02

    Warll i started playing the map and got like 2-4 minutes in the game and then it crashed -.- i got the 3gb enabler and had 3 computers playing, i dont know what caused it and i played the first american map i got 15 minutes in the game and crashed got 3 cpu there too and had fpk files in custom asset what hapend?

  8. keato02

    i did this time but it crashed still after but now 10-15 minutes after omg but i luv this map =(

  9. Dave

    It was still crashing on me when trying to create a Lumber Mill Annex. In the RRT_Depots_America_s02.xml file, it was listed as LumberMill Annex (LumberMill as single word). Putting in a space between Lumber and Mill (e.g. “Lumber Mill Annex”) corrected the problem.

  10. Olly

    I was having the same issue with the Lumber Mill Annex but the fix above worked a treat. Thank you Dave.

  11. tireshark

    Played it on RB and 2 AI. Was pretty easy… make a lot of money fast, buy the AIs, and then just set up your routes. Didnt really care for it, but it might be good for intermediate players.

  12. Whizzicle

    Love the map, however I cannot scroll to San Francisco… I have my resolution set to 1366×768… When i try to jump to that city, the window opens to the East of it…

  13. karsten

    From my experience, the window does not scroll far enough to the East. However, a bit of map turning will reveal San Francisco.

  14. devega

    Hi, I have a technical problem too with this map. I´m using win7 64-bit, and have the more or less “normal now-and than” crashes to the desktop. This map is different: Whatever I do, the map terminates in oct 1844 with a “C++ Runtimeerror in the railroads.exe”. I´m using the modified 1.10 patch-Railraods.exe together with the 3gb-enabler batchfile. I would be grateful for any idea about this, because I like this map very much

  15. lukas

    You mis spelled Bismarck….its my home town… dont blame you though

  16. McBarnacle

    I was really enjoying this map but 30 years in I got to the point where I kept CTD’ing.

    Shame as this was a really good map.

  17. LancerComet

    SMR can’t handle this map even the game was modified by 3GB Enabler.
    There’re many things in game after playing dozens of years.

  18. Евгений

    Как сомому создать карту ?

  19. gallator

    Hello, i have a MacBook Pro , early 2013, System Mountain Lion, with 8 GB RAM, and the map crashed after 20-25 years.

  20. Buaya-kun

    i always got crash when acquiring corn. depot was successfully created, but when the train started loading, it crash. if i skip acquiring any corn, the game can be finished until retire in the year 2070 or keep running without issue in train table mode.

    corn field is the culprit.

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