New England

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This map was made free hand and gives a general depiction of New England terrain, city placement, industry and resources. There was no real amount of gold around here as far as I know, but there are many other recourses that I will represent with gold and Coal mines.
The year is 1835. See if you can be a true Railroad Tycoon in the Tycoon’s back yards.

3 thoughts on “New England

  1. jq730d

    Love this map – but it doesn’t like me – always blows up on my Win7 machine – but I can run the standard games and some others just fine.

    Reason I like it is the mountains – well done!

    Has anyone ever done a D&RG or D&RGS version in Colorado etc.??

    Seems like Colorado would be a REALLY neat area to map. Could also include the Unitah and Denver & Salt Lake.

  2. Kenster

    I’m not sure why you’r having trouble running this map.I used only stock resources and image files. Try cutting down on the graphics a little as there are a lot of trees. I found that if I put to many trees on maps it will eat-up the graphics ram a bit.

  3. Quitus

    Very good map 🙂

    Could be perfect with some escenario objectives.

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