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Set in the lower part of the United Kingdom. You are going to need to move people around the region early to prepare for extensive growth later. Later, you will have to move food and milk to support the growing region and then help modernize it by introducing automobile travel. Finally you will have to create an industrial empire and monoploize the region.

13 thoughts on “Devon

  1. andyjones035

    Installed New Map Starts up on screen WIth All The Famous Engineers then goes back to Xp Screen??

  2. andyjones035

    No Just the Orginal Game Maps? I have found that Some maps load on my computer and others dont??

  3. Warll

    That might be the case, it should be fixable but there should be plenty of maps you can play.

  4. omrail.

    Yep. i’ve just realised it crashes when loading this as well. and i just did a clean install to make SAM maps work.
    I think i should start working on fixing this

  5. andyjones035

    Just Put On the Map Editor on My Computer for the firt time and it great For about 30 Seconds then Crashes??

  6. Dom11

    Truly great map.
    Enjoyable and well balanced. Tasks are developing logically and each new requirement is tougher but not too difficult to be frustrating. Well done.

  7. andyjones035

    This Map is Great with all the greaet features of the western region i know so well ?? Just waiting for someone to do the Somerset & Dorset Counties Great Railway Histories to be put into a great Game ?? I tried but have not got close to the other maps on this great website??

  8. Brian Fisk

    Thanks – enjoyed playing this scenario. Achieved goal first time on the easiest level. I do, however, think that it is too difficult at the higher levels as the population centres are so far apart that the cost of building rails is prohibitive.


    Brian Fisk

  9. Tangook

    Just finished this map. Good strategically place factory and resources.
    Enjoyed it a lot, nice job.


    This is a beautiful map, very fun to play, definitely a play it a few times map. Again the beauty of this map is the best part.

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