St. Lawrence River

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Download: St_Lawrence_River_v2

Welcome to St. Lawrence River. This map runs in 4 Eras spanning 1840 to 1935. This is a SAM (Stand Alone Map). You will find
many industries available to help you accomplish your goals. You are required to build a Bank in Montreal. You will have to grow
the Town to a City in order to accomplish your task. Do not wait too long to begin deliveries to and from Montreal.

This map does not allow crossovers. To cross existing track you must switch through. It is to your advantage to update your engines.
Keep an eye on your maintenance costs.

This map has been well tested, first by me at the Mogul Level and then by railage at the Robber Baron Level. Thanks again railage.
There is a Goods List in the Warehouse folder which might prove helpful. I hope that you enjoy the map.


8 thoughts on “St. Lawrence River

  1. Guy

    Thank you once again, Slider38. This is a welcome Holiday gift. I have no doubt this map will provide many hours of entertainment!

  2. slider38

    I hope that you enjoy the map and that some other folks will try it. I am getting another one underway. It just takes months for me to get one completed. Hope you have a great holiday season.

  3. slider38

    Thanks Anthony. These comments keep me going. The next map is underway, but it will be awhile yet. Still have quite a bit to build/paint. Take care. Happy New Year! Slider

  4. Otto

    Hi guys,

    I played a lot these custom maps and they are great and I thank you for it. But lately I tried to play this map, i put the files from archive in UserMaps folder (after i emptied it), and the map does not appear in the game so I can not select it. Do you have any idea why is this happening? How can I solve it?

    I mention I use OneDrive, so My Game folder is under OneDrive folder

    Thank you


  5. slider38

    I’m sorry that you are having trouble with the map. I am not familiar with OneDrive so I’m not sure what changes that would require to get the map to run. This map was created like all the others I’ve made. Generally speaking you should create a new copy of SMR. Rename the current map in your My Games folder. Start the game and exit at the first menu. This should create a new Railroads game in the My Games folder. Then just copy the usermaps folder from the download to the new SMR folder in My Games. There should be no other files in your Usermaps folder or in Custom Assets as this is a SAM map (Stand Alone Map). I know this works. What is required to translate this to OneDrive, I don’t fknow. Good luck. Hopefully someone else with more knowledge will answer your post.

  6. slider38

    I’ve given this issue some more thought. I assume you are running the game from an external hard drive. I guess that the Railroads executable and all other files are also located on this external drive, otherwise you would have to figure out how to make the exe look for the xml files in a different location than expected. I store copies of my maps on an external hard drive, but I run the game from my desktop pc. You might want to look at something like this. You could install the game on your pc’s hard drive and keep the maps on the external. When you have a map you want to play, you could simply copy the usermaps folder into the game on your pc and play it. Then copy another when you want to change maps. I have no other suggestions to give.

  7. OTTO


    Thank you for your messages. I managed to fix the error, everything is fine. I will try the map this weekend 🙂


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